No Juggernaut complaints?


I think people are just waiting to see just how op it is before they start (on the forums at least. It seems that Reddit’s already blown up about it)

@nwardezir don’t worry. With Ryvirath on the watch, the forums won’t be able to get to reddit levels of salt :yum:


there is also that really big chance that it gets hit by lightbender if you double flash it which makes you instantly lose the game.


Punish is cheaper than a Lightbender :wink:


Juggernaut is ok the way he is. He is only useful if you used flash on him, and even then he’s not too hard to deal with. The only time when he really seems overpowered is if P2T2 double flashes him out, but that happens only once every hundred games or so. Nothing to complain about.


I saw just 1 Juggernaut in my climb from Diamond to S and it did nothing because I play Vanar.


Who does anything when you play Vanar… General moves or attack… Maybe next turn, minions on the board nah you don’t need them, want to damage my faie/Kara… You don’t need to do that now we got all game. The only thing g u guys haven’t stop is us playing cards or casting spells and I’m sure cp will fix that in the next expansion.


A few expansions later…
Vanar 8mana minion 7/5
Your opponent cannot play anything from his action bar until the end of opponent’s turn. (You can still replace, however.)


Goes well with the Vanar minon they made the expansion prior… You know the 3/4 3 mana Vesper that lets ur opponent replace 3 extra times but take 3 damage each.


Main vanar too, no jugg problems so far. The one time I lost to it, I would have lost the match anyway. It’s made fair since almost every faction has an answer packed in their deck ( usually a staple. Eg. Vanar normally packs skorns, abyss has crazy removal options) and if you have the luxury of playing jugg on curve against hai, it’s probably already over.

I’d rather see a jugg than makantor immolation :confused:


It feels like devs are trying to make late game minions that are slow viable. So many cards have been released from the expansions that have insane power if left unanswered in comparison to original set. IMO it started with nimbus and then when people realised nimbus had nothing on makantor they released variax and now they are releasing juggernaut. IDK i dont think think the card is toooo bad. Like I’ve only seen a few times cause im only diamond atm but ive managed to deal with double flash juggernaut. Maybe push up cost like variax lol.

On a side note i know this has been raised before but why are there two juggernauts? Like for a day or two i thought people were complaining about abysal juggernaut with the 2/2 arcanyst that spawns more creep/wraithlings.


I think you are mixing Abyssal Juggernaut with Nocturne :grin:


He’s not op!

Jugg is good only if ramped out,
When ramped uses 3 cards, 2 of them are missed makantors :slight_smile:

It’s incredibly weak to lightbender: you use 3 cards to get a 4/6

If played on curve:
Case a: you are already winning and don’t need it.
Case b: you are losing and this won’t help your board.
Case c: the game is stalled, usefulness depends on your opponent removal option and deck.

“If unanswered you lose” like a lot of other cards, the only difference is that sometimes the others are cheaper. :smile:


I have no problems with Juggernaut or even flash Juggernaut. I do have problems with double or triple flash Juggernaut though so clearly the problem is with stacking flash.


Which is why I think it should have the same limitation as mana vortex and be unstackable


Three card combination. Very unlikely. I think I have seen it happen exactly one time. And even then not decisively so.


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