No Juggernaut complaints?


Im quite astounded by the imense silence surrounding the AB release. Juggernaut is such a wonderful card, easily my favorite card hands down, but what really shocks me is that no one has made a thread complaining about him being op.

Ever since he was teased I was readying up arguements to defend him…now I don’t know what to do with all this energy. So I guess…lets talk about why Juggernaut ISN’T Op…


A thread to randomly discuss why the card is balanced?

It’s just another blowout card, mediocre if played on curve and game winning if you’re lucky enough to ramp it out. Similar to Peacekeeper and Excelsious but more powerful and able to be ramped (and synergy with said ramping)


It’s only strong when ramped. As an on curve play it can easily be handled.


Only time I’ve ever seen the massive jug is at the end of a match in which my opponent played it in vain and lost the following turn

Edit: it’s meh


damn, the difference between the forums and reddit…


Its a good card but its slow and that is what probably makes it fair because it gives people a chance to react. Grow and Rebirth mechanics are both slow things. Dispel takes away grow and the stats on Juggernaut aren’t great. Eggs are often pinged off by things like Skorn, Bloodtear etc making them not easy to survive. Like other people said the main way to make it unfair or stronger is by ramping it out, which requires using Flash which is normally used for a strong turn 1 play (Flash+Sunsteel) or to ramp Warbeast out for when behind and level out the game.


Putting balance aside, how can a golem lay eggs?

My theory is that the Magmar has somehow stuffed a 3D printer inside of the golem along with membrane proteins and calcium carbonate. With a 3D printer, the Juggernaut can print eggs around Golems (which it also 3D prints) and then lay them. Why go through all the trouble of printing eggshells around Golems when it just makes them weaker? No one knows. The Magmar were probably too busy Smorcing to keep up with the development of bio materials.


My only complaint would be that I haven’t played it yet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


it is easy to deal with if not ramped. vanar can clear it easily even when ramped.


Juggernaut needs to be changed immediately!

I can’t even believe he was put into the game in his actual state! It’s Abyssal Juggernaut without the Abyssal part… His name is simply unacceptable…


Oh he is, in fact I made a post which covers the extent to which he is OP (T2 Jugg is possible and immense in value). You’re just looking at the wrong place I’m looking at you reddit users


Juggernaut isn’t op because like most cards it’s weak to JOSEKI!.


I’ve tried to make him work and you’ll notice why he isn’t OP relatively quickly:

First off, he doesn’t impact the board immediately. This becomes most apparent if you’re playing him on curve, which means he won’t be pooping out eggs immediately, either. However, even if you do ramp him out, the simple fact is that your opponent can still react to its presence and can potentially answer it. Of course, the earlier you get it out, the stronger it is.

Second, sub-par cards and plays. You normally wouldn’t run a Kujata, you normally wouldn’t hold your Flash for Jug instead of dropping a Sunsteel Defender for two, that sort of thing. It might not sound like much, but you’ll end up giving up power elsewhere - which isn’t necessary with other lategame bombs.

Third, consistency. To be really impressive, you basically need to double-flash him out at four mana. That’s not going to happen in the majority of games, plain and simple. When it does happen, once in a blue moon, it’s amazing and a surefire way to win you the match, but thus is the nature of wombo combo cards, I believe.

Fourth: Meltdown. Outside of double-flashing Jug out at four mana, I’m under the impression that playing and proccing Meltdown is a stronger option, quite often.

Due to all of those, it’s probably not nearly winning as many games as one might assume based off of just the card itself.


Love it at lower tiers bronze silver and now gold it’s fun cause ur opponent. Will often not answer it correctly. I always ramp it out playing it turn 8 is silly that flash or kujata into it is great. I find it deflects from other minions or ur general alot of times. Works great with millions priestess meaning it has to be dealt with or you just lose.

It’s till early so people aren’t running their normal dispells and counters we wills we once the game settles.


The faction with the best removal can remove things


He is not overpowered. But is he healthy?

He is answerable, although much harder to answer when flashed early, if people start teching some more pings or aoes he won’t be an issue.

But If a single card can completly warp the meta that can be an issue. I love the card, and perhaps the meta would naturally run things to counter him anyways so it won’t be an issue. It’s really to soon to tell.


My issue is that they made him problematic when you drew a god hand, as @mmf stated, which is simlar to what was most likely a reason that they nerfed if. I remember someone mentioning that ramp in general was a problem last patch, and I fear that this could be the case here too.


It is really useless unless ramped.
Don’t think it’s nearly as strong as variax. The main body can be removed with any removal, dispell works on him as well, 4/10-x body isn’t going to win him the game.

If you don’t run removal you will suffer regardless of Juggernaut.


Yep, late he’s just another body. Even with a single flash he’s tolerable, but when you get multiple flashes into a juggernaut it’s just unfair, which is why I highlighted that it needs to be a god hand.


Also maybe we could try not to turn this forum into Reddit :grin: