No Buff Vetruvian (Vetrition) Vetruvian Isn't Dead


So while at school I decided to build this over write the essay that’s been due for the past couple of weeks. Enjoy.

Notes: So while playing this deck I noticed quite a huge difference. I didn’t feel like I was helpless half the time and I didn’t really fear dispels as much as I used to. The thing to note is that I used to run buff spells. Without buff spells I could actually build in answers to more stuff.

Rae is also MVP, that is all.

Out look on Vetruvian now: After piloting this deck it feels like Vet’s old identity of the “Buff Faction” is whats holding the faction back.

Though what do I know? I’m just a Gold Division Pleb after all.

Anyways tell me how the deck is, I’ed like some feedback.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I played 10 matches with the deck, won 8 out of the 10, but that’s in Gold.

Steps to nerf Songhai

i like it. i played it in s-rank and nobody expects it so nobody knows how to play around it. i had to remove 2 aymaras, 2 nimbus and an allomancer because i simply didnt have them. instead i added 2 lkians, 2 keeper of the vales, and a dioltas.

update: make that 3 l’kian and 2 keepers. not enough draw.

so far im 5-1. :thumbsup:


Is Rae really any good? I don’t think I ever even gave it a shot because you don’t have full control over what is being dispelled


Looks really good! Tell you what, I have most of the Vetruvian cards and can easily build this deck, if I make it to S-Rank or it becomes too late, I’ll give this deck a spin on ladder for the heck of it and give you some feedback.


You dont, and your opponent does, but most of the time, theyll be hard pressed to find something that theyre okay with being dispelled. Not to mention they have to position around the dispell as well. It also kinda instablocks Songhai from summoning a minion that turn.


rae is suprisingly good. especially against songhai. not so much against abyssian and vetruvian though.


Astral Flood is also a surprisingly decent card. The battle pets aren’t that bad themselves but if nothing else it refills your hand and gives you replace fodder.


i find buffs alot more powerful, that with obelisks eats a lot of removal making late game ripe for the recking. also ive learned that obelisks starts actually hurt songhai alot because the usually use use damage removal, im diamond 4 but i just added 2nd stars fury so im hoping this deck will take me to s rank


It might be good against songhai, but wouldn’t reva just counter it by putting the 1/1 ranged near it? I’m pretty sure it would dispell minions that it itself killed when i played it last.
Or like playing something with opening gambit near it to again make the dispell useless. Seems like extremely situational card at best.


I’m playing dervish vet and thinking about adding Star’s fury. How has it been working out for you?


You found a Songhai deck that runs minion with opening gambit, the heck?


Well during initial testing one of the two matches I lost was against the only Reva I fought. The deck had teched Dark Memeist and Rush Blocker, so I lost when I couldn’t draw that Bone Swarm, Reva was down to 2 HP. But overall I pressured her into a corner but lost momentum when Rush Blocker (Night Watcher) hit the board.


I found that pinging it with Scorn works quite well, really Scorn is the other MVP in the deck.


Scorn also triggers Nimbus. I think someone made a self-harm/dying wish Vey deck based on having as many ways to damage your own minions as possible.


really well im thinking of adding a 3rd, that card is soo good has alot of possibilities early finish come back at 8 mana with fire burn obelisk break artifacts sooo good run it u wont be disappointed


That’s very good to hear! But doesn’t it make the deck curve a bit to high?
Can you share your deck list?


Well hsuku’s free to play kaleos deck had primust fist in it when i last saw and he did get reasonably hight into diamond with it.
Now after saberspine nerf you might as well use primus fist instead. It gives 1 less damage but also a 2/3 body for same cost.

In ladder you don’t choose what faction you play against so taking it just to counter songhai seems a bit too much, could probably use shroud instead and have less headaches.

The blistering skorn combo is actually interesting but nimbus has a negative synergy with it + Sometimes you need the skorn or don’t draw them both at the same time.
Is it really worth playing in s rank?