Nikhma's Midranged Argeon Hybrid v 1.0 (WIP) [ 11/15/16 ]


Patch 1.75) Nikma’s Midranged/Control Argeon 1.0 (WIP) [Updated 11/15/16]

Hey guys! Nikhma here with my dab at a Control Argeon style deck. I have played Duelyst for 9 seasons, and have gone through just about every iteration of the game. Im a bit behind the meta because I took a few months break to pursue other games, but hopefully my understanding of the game still remains strong.

The objective of this deck is to have board control of the early game while managing your deck so you can make it into late game. Cards like Slo, Bloodtear Alchemist, Blistering Skorn, Silverguard Knight provide good board control, while cards like Holy Immolation, Arclight Regalia and Afterblaze provide you with amazing clear potential.

Late game is where this deck shines. Red Synja, Pandora, Bonereaper and Ironcliffe Guardian are huge monsters, and combining it Divine Bond will absolutely tear through the enemy HP.

I am currently sitting at Rank 9 with this deck and alot of playtest will be needed to improve it, although It’s looking pretty good with an 8 game winstreak on my belt, tell me how you guys think about it and how I can improve the deck.

Update ( 11/16/2016 )

Been playtesting the deck quite a bit, came up with a second iteration of the deck which seems to fit the playstyle more adequately. I wouldn’t go as far to say this deck is Control anymore, because Afterblaze and Divine Bond are cards not built for Control per se, but this deck utilizes Divine Bond quite a lot, so I would say it is more of a Midranged deck than a Control.

I might replace Grove Lion with Bonereaper again, but we’ll see how it goes. Again, tell me how it goes for you if you ever do decide to run this deck, and what I can improve.

[details=Rank Winstreak (Recorded 11/15/2016) -]

Nikhma's Midranged Argeon Hybrid -

Version 1.1 (Updated 11/15/2016)

Version 1.2 (Updated 11/16/2016)


This is what I am running for Lyonar right now, and I think it might be similar to what you are going for. I do have a different theme with low cost spells and more focus on card draw. Solarius lategame can be a win condition as you can play 3 or 4 cheap cards each turn and refill your hand to full.

Cards I definitely recommend :

Azure Herald- Healing is important. If you can heal 15+ damage in a match then you generally will win VS aggro once they run out of steam.

Dawns Eye, Arclyte Regalia, Grove Lion all work together extremely well.

Circle of Life(Kills 4 WindsMagi, Keilano, Spectral Revenant, almost any earlygame buffed minion)

Lasting Judgement(Doesn’t deal damage, removes health, Kills Sunsteel Defender IGNORING forcefield, doesn’t proc Lantern Fox/Nimbus),

Sky Phalanx- Try running 1x if you ever get a copy. Can be great against every class except Magmar(Plasma Storm) if you play it on curve or if you are topdecking

Your deck doesn’t really seem all that “controlly” as you have so much early game strength. I haven’t played your list, but in my opinion, my deck barely counts as control.


Running cheap cards like Slo and Bloodtear does mean you burn cards.
However Spelljammer usually benefits the player with the faster deck, so I would remove it. L’Kian or Sojourner would be better choices.

You might want some dispel. Sunbloom or Lightbender.