Nightshroud problem


Im having fun with arcanyst abyssian and i discover a pretty weird interaction.
Basically if nightshroud comes back with death knell It doesnt do damage based on the total number of arcanysts on the board but only a part of that number. This because dk probably has an order of summoning and bond activates immediatly after ns summoning. In a game i had 5 arcanyst (6 with ns) and ns deals 3 damage instead of 5, in another It deals only 1 instead of 7!!! This is something that should be change because It makes those Two beutifull cards unplayble.


Death Nell summoning order is the dreaded word “Random”.


Yeah,I think that nightshroud should always be the last summoned by death knell, otherwise those two cards are bullshit.


I’ve lost some games to the ordering, but it isn’t the worst thing. For the most part Death Knell is powerful even without a ton of healing, and if you lose because of the ordering you were likely going to lose anyways (although like I said, this isn’t always the case.)


I disagree, like i said if it deals one damage instead of 7 its a huge difference!
Im sorry because i really like the deck but knowing that i’ll return to standard creep abyssian, right now its too inconsistent.


It could be OK if it could be controlled. Like summoned in the same order they died.

Consider this a suggestion)


This is another cool option.


It would be pretty cheesy to have one specific card always summoned last. If you live by the random, be prepared to die by it as well.


@sviel Liked, and this is coming from an Abyssian player with 29 badges.


I got one shotted from like 20 health once. Couldn’t end quick enough bc she drew all three nightshrouds and two shadow sisters.


29 abbysian ribbons? You disgust me :stuck_out_tongue:


The bigger problem with Nightshroud is that its a 4 mana 5/1. It’s going to lose you the game giving up that much tempo, even if it somehow managed to heal you for 6.


I should point out that magmar has 4-mana spell, that heals 8, leaves no body and is not building your wincon. But I cant say it loses games.


8 hp is more than nightshroud in almost every case. It’s unconditional, and usually used later in the game or in emergencies. If my opponent plays a sphere on curve, I’m going to be very happy.


But 3-4 health swing is still possible to pull off.

I’m afraid that problem is, I just love nightshroud without any reason.


What do you use to trade? No one’s gunna hit with face after it just stole half your hitpoints from you. 5 damage kills most minions too.


First of all if Nightshroud stole significant amounts of health (let’s set it at 4), then something like owlbeast would’ve likely been a lot more reliable and powerful. It is simply win more and does little at parity or when at a disadvantage.

Trying to combo it with Death Knell is a different situation but still feels too slow with an unreliable impact compared to just triggering bond with Trinity Wings, playing spells, and buffing your new board with owl.

As for the body a variety of things can deal with it. Since you spent 4 mana on shroud they likely still have an arcanyst and can play Trinity Wings and ping it for 2 damage. A spent celebrant could trade with it. Cassyva could ping it with her BBS, Vanar could flash freeze it or use an illusion on it. A random 2 drop could trade into it. It is vulnerable to alchemist. Even worse, the negligible heal could’ve done nothing to prevent lethal.


Comboing it with knell is not slower than any knell play. I ended up losing a match to a knell that resurrected 2 nightshrouds and dealt around 10 damage to me. That being said, I don’t think it’s an issue with shroud, but with knell. I guess I’m just not a fan of cards that have no good answer in a single card.


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