Nightfiend interaction


Hi, simple and quick question.

If Nightfiend is played when having a Darkspire Elemental on the board, does the OG deal 2 damages or 4 damages?

I’m pretty sure someone here knows that :slight_smile:


No it’s separate damage you can’t increase night fiends ability with that


It’s unfortunate. Nightfiend has an excellent design, but it’s overcosted. If you can’t even reap some extra benefits out of it, I would say it is just a bad card :frowning:


I would say it could use a cost reduction but it actually a strong card it does 2 damage to minions near ur shadow creep. It’s not a early game card but if you have 4 or 5 creep usually near a minion. That’s free damage and a body on the board


I think what you suggested is a pretty nice buff actually, giving some love to two unfortunately underplayed cards. Another possible buff is for night fiend to do X damage, where X is the number of nearby creep to each target.


Indeed. I’d love a reworking of the two cards to improve the importance of positioning when playing against creep decks.


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