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Night Watcher - Hidden Gem?


Hey guys,

I’m only Diamond rank (3/4, trying to push into S-rank probably next season when I have more time) but I have to say I think I’ve stumbled across a bonafide quality deck revision.

I was getting my ass handed to me (playing Spell/Ranged-hai Reva) by mostly every Magmar player I came across. Turn 6, there was the Makantor. Turn 7, there was the Elucidator + Thumping Wave combo. Like clockwork. Makantor, Makantor, Makantor. Forcing me into a corner with rebirth minions and Overload then busting my Four Winds Magi/Heartseeker clusters with Makantor and clinching the game one turn before I can finish him with Spiral Technique.

Until…I swapped out 2 cards (can’t remember what I swapped out actually, lol) and put 2 Night Watchers in my deck. As long as I can play these around turn 4/5 it’s looking pretty effective in shutting down the insane Makantor / Elucidator one-two punch. It’s also come in handy to stall for time against SimCity Dervish Zirix as well not to mention can be used to delay a lethal Spectral Revenant.

Anyone else found success with this card? I would be interested to hear you thoughts.


Nooo, how dare thou counter our great Makantor Jesus !

I DE’d Night Watcher personally, I like the card but if your opponent has no rush minions, eeeh, it’s plain useless.


Its a forcefield card besides the rush shutdown effect though. So you can use it to at the least bait out a dispel or gain trade value even in matchups where rush isnt a thing.


It’s a decent tech card against Rushmar/Revenant/obelysks, especially now that zen’rui is gone. The problem is that magmar can get rid of it quite easily with Plasma storm or Natural Selection.


They do waste a turn doing that though.


@envest true with the plasma, but either way, it buys you that turn :slight_smile: As for natural selection, if you play it turn 5 with a heartseeker behind it, its solid.


I personally regret DEing it. I hate surprise revenants and roarcats.

Except when I live to Dominate or Mirage Master one. Then “Peacemaker” by Green Day plays in my mind. Vendetta, sweet vendetta :imp:


The card is great, but it is overly meta depending. Like, it worked for you because you were facing magmar after magmar.

But if you find yourself playing against reva, its a big “meh”

I wouldnt DE them though. I had succes with it and some players defeated me because of it so.


With Zen’Rui made into a 6 mana play (where it is still very good,) Night Watcher is an invaluable piece of tech. Though I find it to be more useful against Tempo Argeon than Magmar (it’s fragile 2 ATK often makes it the unwitting target of Natural Selection, which while adding an extra step is perfectly feasable to change the sequence into Elucidator>Makantor>Makantor.)

As Songhai though, I definitely prefer Jux and careful positioning to tech though (most Songhai decks really don’t want tech slots because it involves considerable slowdown.) If you find yourself struggling with Magmar, just play towards Heartseeker+Inner Focus+ Killing Edge. Magmar has a very difficult time handling ranged minions. Have you tried Ki Beholder?


I find it’s a great card in Lyonar, especially Argeon due to his BBS, it shuts down Elucidators, Makantors, Obelysks, and Tigers, and you can buff it to become a 4/4 forcefield minion, strictly better than the Funsteel defender at that point, and it dodges plasma storms and natural selections!


Sometimes it’s easy to think the card is performing very well for because the situations where it shines are a lot easier to notice then all the situations where you replace it because it’s a dead card.

But if you’re sure it’s working out for you, keep using it and don’t let anyone tell you it’s bad. And it should be working pretty well if you’re facing lots of magmar, simcity vet and to some degree cass.


I like it, not so much hidden imho.

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