Night Watcher counters not just rush minions, but an entire deck archetype


And that is not okay. I am not a Vetruvian player, but I think it is rather ridiculous that Night Watcher completely destroys the Obelisk Vetruvian archetype. You can permanently nullify a huge portion of the cards in their deck just by playing this card, and Vetruvian currently does not have a good response to Night Watcher.

Here is what I suggest:

  1. Rush minions can no longer target enemy generals on the turn they are played.
  2. A new keyword called Blitz that is Old Rush.
  3. Dervishes get Blitz.
  4. Night Watcher still worth playing, but doesn’t counter an entire deck archetype.


in my opinion he must exhaust 1 or two minions each turn. if i play on my cassyva vs vetruvian and i place nightwatcher. vetruvian loose this game anyways


Hmm, wtf? Your suggestions don’t have anything yo do with Night Watcher.


Vet needs a ranged answer like every other faction has, but why vet’s answer got nerfed, I just do not understand.


The only decent vet answer right now is rasha’s curse/pile-of-low-cost-minion (to get in range) and ephimeral shroud, you lose a turn and need 2 cards (at least) to NOT kill the nightwatcher.

When you don’t have an immediate answer with vet you can concede.

I don’t know much of design, but something seems wrong.


A clean and simple solution would be to change Nightwatcher’s ability to;
Whenever ANY player summons a minion with Rush from their action bar, exhaust it.

Its stats and ability is fundamentally unchanged, it just doesn’t render Obelisks (& Firestarter) useless, it still counters Vetruvian spells and other Rush minions.


That would be perfect i agree…hopefully someone from CPG watch this thread…
Played with Vanar against Vet yesterday…
İ parked one Nightwatcher in the Corner…
Game Over…My brave opponen didnt give up he tried hard…but couldnt reach it…
Not fair at all


This!! Unless today we see a new ranged answer i think its clear that CPg wants vetruvian to be the weakest faction.


Keeper Magmar wouldn’t mind that solution (too much, still better than as it currently is for them) :stuck_out_tongue:

You can make it “Non-token,” which would excluse Nether Summoning, Dominate Will, Keeper, etc., but not Firestarter and Dervishes.


Hus solution makes keeper vaath bearable to play against but would still give kerper vaath playable


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