Night time for Duelyst


This is in no way a demand or a must have, just a suggestion I find cool.

Now sometimes when im playing, I chat with friends or cast spells. So, you know the brightness dims down when you cast spells right? Or sometimes the brightness of the game stays low after chatting with your friend from the menu while in-game or just doing some settings (not sure is it a bug or what but Im not complaining).

And tbh, it looks really nice, like night time or a change of atmosphere for Duelyst. Like I said, it’s jsut a suggestion and a thought I find intriguing, not a necessity. Maybe have this happen during night time in Duelyst from evening on wards to give a change of atmosphere maybe.

Night Time

Normal Brightness


actually… why not?

it’s nothing hard to work on, it looks nice, it helps making effects more visible, more variety of things is always nice so yeah, i’m all for it.


Yeah, i just find it really pretty and different after the never ending sunshine and maximum brightness blasting at me for the entirety of my time in Duelyst xD


yeah man, not only will it add a variety, a darker scene will make the effects pop out more, it’s all good.


Do you have program f.lux installed in your computer? It automatically redshifts/dims the light coming from your computer depending on the time of day, reducing strain on your eyes. It’s really helpful when you’re staying up late playing games or other stuff if you don’t mind a orangy tinge to your computer screen :smiley:


dont think so, I’ve never heard of that, sounds like a cool program tho. But this happens on days where Im playing in the afternoon. Sometimes after I chat with people or when im adjusting settings while in game.