Night Fiend Cassy


Hey everyone. While doing my best to rush down Cassyvas I’ve often thought to myself that a Night Fiend would really wreck me right now. Fortunately, it seems that no one is playing him so I decided to try it myself. Below is what I’m trying right now.

It’s doing alright in S-rank so far although the sample size is miniscule, 5-2 where I lost to a random decimate from an aggro lyonar and didn’t play around a wailing overdrive.

The list I’m running is probably very unrefined. It’s main goal is to stall the game for a long time and get a lethal obliterate off. I play a lot of cheap minions and spells like grasp and bloodtears to help keep the board clear, trigger kelaino many times, and to get good value from the sole vault. Klaxons and Revenants give me some late game reach and value. I’m not playing any juggernauts cause I disenchanted them all and only opened 1 so far. Another reason for some of my card choices though is because I don’t want to commit any spirit yet so I’m just using what I got from packs.

I posting this to get some feedback and to see if this is actually viable. I didn’t play any Songhais yet and I think I would get wrecked with few ways to interact with them.


Impossible to win against Vetruvian and Songhai. Have fun.


Are you saying that this particular creep deck is bad against songhai/vet or that creep in general is bad? If the former, why? Thanks.


No Dispell? You are a brave man.
3 Lures will not save you vs Vet.


Nimbus on top of creep for pseudo haste is pretty scary yes, which is why this is still under construction. I’ll know more when I get more games against them though.


coolio what is cassy


Its this creepy unholy abomination that goes bump in the night and definitely shouldn’t exist. :stuck_out_tongue:
On a real note, she is the alternate general for Abyssian and used as the figurehead for creep-centric decks.


I would replace Bloodtear with Ephemeral, like phayze say you need dispel so much.

On a side note, where the png come from ? is there any updated deckbuilder? Thanks.


I have replaced the skorns with ephemerals but this is still really bad against Vetruvians. Sure the few times I faced them Pax always claims the middle tile and they get a ‘perfect’ curve but Nimbus absolutely destroys any attempt to play the long game with them. Standing on a creep tile generates a soulburn before their next turn and without juggernauts their massive 8 hp ensures each one will make 4-5 obelysks.

I’m still uncertain about the songhai match up yet but it’s doing pretty well against the other 4 factions. Nothing like the fat value monsters vet has.

I used the manasprings site to make the decklist and generate the image.