Next to craft for Midrange-y Zirix?


So this is the deck that I have been running recently (just got second Aymara) and I am stuck on what to craft next. I know Nimbus is really good, but is there something better I could put in right now?? Just looking for some advice from Vet players to really help get this deck going I guess.

Now, I’m working on getting L’Kain, and I’ve seen her used often (kinda just keeping rares in the neutral area), and I have 2800 spirit to work with right now.


Prioritize: third Pax, 3x Falcius, third Aymara. After that, decide whether you want 3x Krons which are good in plenty of decks or 2x Nimbus which are slightly better than Krons in this specific deck but can obviously be played in only one faction.

About the deck itself, it has some problems, notably few generally bad cards and you not being sure do you want an obelysk or midrange variant.


Inquisitor Kron, Falcius, and Aymara Healer are your top priorities as Vetruvian.


I’m going midrange with it. I actually replace my obs most of the time. They’re mainly there because I don’t have much else to put there.


Falcius you should definitely go for. I am pretty sure it is a common, so it only costs 40 Spirit to craft one. It is super good, lets you take out any 2 drop for free while still developing a decent body on the board. If your opponent drops a Kron, you can nimbus then attack it for 4 damage, then finish it off with a nearby dervish or 2 drop. I think every Vetruvian deck needs this card 100%

Same with adding in a 3rd pax. Probably the best battle pet/one of the best 2 drops.

I would try to swap out one of the Etheral Obelysks or the Ash Mephyt. out for a 3rd Fireblaze Obelysk.

Once you have those in your collection, go for a Nimbus or 2. I usually just craft 2 legendaries rather than going for 3 on the off chance that I open one in a pack.


Pretty sure your mean Falcius in the first paragraph.


Yeah definitely haha. Oopsie

Thanks, Edited my post


Commons also cost 40 spirit. 10 to disenchant.


Thanks, Edited my post


I have now crafted the third Pax, 2 Nimbus, and 3 Faclius. Need to get a bit more spirit before I can get the 3rd Aymara though. About 200 short there, so it shouldn’t be long. I took out the Ash Mephyr, and the Obylisks to put them in.