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So I was playing a match a couple days ago, and I had an indecisive opponent that kept “showing his hand” by obvious tile hovering which clearly indicated which card he was going to play. Normally this isn’t anything to write home about, as usually players are committed to the action before they begin targeting, but I had an interesting idea.

And the idea is- Faking that you have options available and acting as if you are second guessing yourself in order to “bluff”. Kinda underhanded I know, I haven’t had a game where I wanted to win that badly to try this but it is an interesting idea for sure. Just want to see what you guys think of it.

My opponent was hesitant about using his Daemonic Lure, and used it during the next turn. He followed suit a couple turns later and again waited another turn before committing. This let me know that he had the card ready to go for my next big threat which allowed me to play around it. By pretending you have answers or specific cards that they might be worried about you can scare them away from doing something you in fact have no answer for.

These are the “Tile Hovering” mechanics that I thought might be good with this strategy. Act out the motions as if you are considering following through. Even if the red arrows don’t appear, your opponent would probably not notice and just pay attention to what tiles you are hovering over.

  1. Place and target nearby(Eph Shroud, Primus Fist, Hollowed Grovekeeper, Arclyte Sentinel)

  2. Place and target anywhere(Healing Mystic, Fizz, Dunecaster, can’t think of others )

  3. Airdrop Minions(Wings of Mech, Ironcliffe, Vanar 10/4)

  4. Multiple Summon( Fractal Replication, Wraithling Swarm, Sky Phalanx, Orb Weaver, Wall Cards)

  5. Untargeted Spells(Void Pulse, Plasma Storm, Entropic Gaze, Tempest)

  6. Position Changing (Repulsor, Daemonic, Hearthsister)

  7. Targeting Friendly Minion(Ritual Banishing, Darkfire Sacrifice, Buff Cards)

  8. Silhouette Tracer

  9. Counting Lethal hovering over several nearby minions(double count acting as if you are just a few dmg short)

  10. Targeted Spells(Beamshock, Dark Transformation, Chromatic Cold, Egg Morph)

  11. Rasha’s Curse, Physic Conduit, 1/2 of the Songhai cards, and I am sure there are more.

Anyways thats it, just something interesting to think about. I am calling it that in a couple years this strategy will become part of the meta. It will be a minigame constantly going on wether or not the perceived threats are real or not. You will constantly ask yourself Is my opponent indecisive/bad or is he or she doing it on purpose to throw me off? No way to know. Duelyst will probably be forced to incorporate mandatory facecams in order to combat this.


This has not once worked for me in the last five months I be been playing QQ


Yeah it would only work against extremely attentive players, and even then they might not buy into it all that much. If someone is a long time on their turn I usually pull up this Forum, Reddit, or Youtube and just check the action bar when my turn starts to figure out what they did.

Maybe in a tournament setting this might work? Top Level Competitors would be trying to glean every bit of info they can to get an edge over their opponents and I would just looove to see this happen and for the casters to realize how deep the mindgames are.


I’d have a hard time buying into this strategy simply because of the replace mechanic.


Yes, this seems like a smart thing to do. Another fun thing to do is to always pretend you are going for the kill, even if you’ve lost the game. I’ve had several opponents concede as I’ve been going through the motions.


Tried this once or twice :slight_smile: I was short of 1 dmg, but still called Kitty out, pretended to cast some buff on it and held it for a few secs, the opponent conceded immediately… :slight_smile: moral of the story: fight until your last breath.


I like this, but at the same time I sad because this only works in diamond or S. :disappointed:


Good thing i’m browsing the internet during my opponent’s turn, so these don’t work on me :sunglasses:


Happy to see I wasn’t the only one doing that :slight_smile:

At least we are 2, but I doubt it has any consequence :stuck_out_tongue:


This is why I have taught myself from the start of the game to put my mouse cursor away, think, then execute.

But sometimes I play games on the opponent’s turn, like going in circles around his general, or up and down on their last column, accelerating ever so slightly as their timer ticks down.


I play on a tablet, so my cursor stays in the replace corner and jumps around.

P.s. I did manage to win one game by pretending an astral flood was a star’s fury.


I mean its bad to hover over things with your mouse in general but 99 percent of people constantly do it anyways.

It gives away information and makes you a little easier to deal with. Your enemy can gain more understanding about your thought process and how you’re trying to approach the match.

Hopefully people learn to use the side bar more for if you’re curious about something, then just using their cursor when they’re going to act. Telegraphing every decision you’re thinking of is something good players feed off of.


Aha! If I ever play against you, I could probably fake you out with my secret techniques. I will change my in-game name so that every opponent you face you have a chance of facing me who will do nothing but give false hover baits.


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