Next fanart contest: January 8th


Hey guys, just a heads up that the next Fanart contest will begin on January 8th.
And just as a discussion point for this heads up, what other contests or events would you like to see the forum run? :smiley:


december 8th? that’s like in 11months? damn we are far away from it.


Thanks for the heads up, corrected it :slight_smile:


I would really like to see a contest around creating faction general concepts. I feel that there are many ways to go with this as well (example: skin vs having their own bloodborne spell, whether to have a specific faction as a theme or not, whether or not a bio of the general should be required, etc.), and I would really like to see what ideas the forum community has in this area :grin:.


I would be interested in a most interesting/complicated lethal puzzle, or maybe a puzzle where you can find a forced lethal in X turns, no matter your opponent’s hand, movements, and draws.

Edit: though it would probably be hard to set up unless there was a puzzle editor, either in-client or a third-party online one.


@akurane I truly agree with him. To my knowledge, each factions have two heroes. While making new generals require a careful calculation for balancing, General concepts might be an interesting way to inspire the devs for future plans .


I’d also love to see a puzzle creating contest, although that’s mighty hard without a mechanism for creating puzzles.


Meme contest.


I kinda want to see story contests. I know there was a lore contest, but I want one more casual or interactive like the forum games that have since died. For example, instead of focusing on a single card, the story would focus on interactions between the cards.


Excited to see the entries this time! They were really cool last time on short notice, so I’m excited for this one :?)


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