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Next expansion?


It’s been more than a year sinc ewe got something?

We are used to get 2, 3, 4 expac per year.

Does Bandai wanna make new expac or no?


TL;DR: no expansions at least for a year.


Don’t have the forum link, therefore the reddit one: https://www.reddit.com/r/duelyst/comments/b3ge6e/an_update_from_counterplay_games/


what do you mean “after a year”? Does something happens after a year?


Godfall (hopefully) releases, CPG can finally convert some resources to Duelyst


Not “after”, but “at least”. Devs are busy with another game (as @alexx55 said), and during that time they are not going to update Duelyst. When that game finally releases (which most likely will take more than a year), they might get back to Duelyst.


Would there be any way to pin this one on top in the forum?: An Update from Counterplay Games


Oh yea I mistyped that. Well I find it hard to believe that after a whole year they would choose to spend time trying to revive an abandoned game. A game that is full of veteran players and has no hype associated with it. Why would new players join? Why wouldn’t they just invest on a new game that has more potential? And let’s not forget we’re talking about Bandai Namco, a company that isn’t exactly known for taking risks like that.

Let’s just accept that the game will slowly die and have fun while we can, it’s still a solid game. I often stop playing for a couple of months but then I keep coming back to it. I can’t resist. If you just accept your destiny then it’s less painful =p


Because they haven’t closed the game yet and because - according to CPG devs - there are still people in team who care about the game. Also, It’s not only Bandai.

While it’s unlikely, there is some chance for updates. And you’re right that you can just have fun while you can, that’s the attitude of majority of players here.

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Because CPG doesn’t own the servers and if they did I’m not sure this game would still be running today.

But really the real question is this, if their next project is super successful, would it not stand to reason that more resources would be put into said project?


I’m sure most people here care about duelyst, and would love to see it improving, we’re in a duelyst forum after all. And whereas exactly how much we can expect from the people behind the game at this point is debatable, I think it’s a consensus that the probability of duelyst having a great long term future is more on the low side. So what I’m trying to say is, if you came here looking for some perspective on the future of the game, sure you can have some hopes, we never know, but don’t get them too high.

And of course, the game is already fun, it doesn’t need to have a bright future for you to have fun going there and playing it right now.

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Because there are still people on our team who love the game, and while we may not be able to support the game with the love and care it deserves now, we would like to come back to this at some point (even if it’s with a small skeleton crew to shake up stats and keep things fresh).

As many have mentioned already, we’re all hands on deck with our newest project which requires our full attention; as soon as we’re stable there, well, we have already had this talk internally for months and we’d definitely like to pick up here what we can :slight_smile:

NOOOOOOOOO promises on new expansions or new content or anything else like that; it’s not fair to you guys, we’ve done it before, and our [game] industry as a whole is getting a bad rep for setting up people’s expectations and then failing to live up to the supposed hype.

Just know from my point of view, if I only could get a pipeline process to provide ‘card patches’ to you guys I would. It would make Dooly a bit more homebrewed [probably poll the rest of the fans in for changes] but I’d be fine with helping, and like I said there’s a few more folk who’d like to return in some manner as well.


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