Newbie stuck on Gold 10 with Cassy deck.. Need help/advice!



I started playing Duelyst about two weeks ago, and somehow I made my way through Gold with some research and practicing!
However, I’m stuck on rank 10 for like a week now >.< I was hoping a higher rank abyss player could give me tips on how I should adjust my deck and which cards I should craft first. Some playstyle tips would be awesome too! :slight_smile:

This is how I built my deck atm:

It would mean a lot if someone could help me out/give some tips!

And if you want to practice feel free to add me on: Xearoth

Thanks in advance! :smiley:


Hey there!
Glad to see another aspiring Abyssian player, welcome to the faction ^^
You can find useful information in my guides; Volume I & Volume II.
The latter is featuring budget lists for new players with a small descriptive guide in it.

Feel free to add me in game (Althur) and ask me question.


What’s that 1x fest? :stuck_out_tongue: Generally is not a good idea to put many card in one copy cause it’s better to have more chance to draw a good card part of your main strategy. That said I’m not an abyssian expert but I guess that in cass you dont need tigers/shadow reflection/void steal. Spelljammer is usually a good idea in aggro decks while as cass you want to slowly control to board and spread the creeps to obliterate your enemy away so I’d put it out. As draw engine I guess that cycling through sphere of darkness and adding more rites of the undervault could be fine. Also you’d want to add kelainos to help you reach the moment you obliterate the enemy =)


you need to focus in one mechanic, that can win the game. if you put a lot of cards, you don’t draw most of them and you don’t focus on the thing you want


Haha omg your post was the first Abyssian deck post that I favorited in my browser! xD It helped me a lot, thanks!

My deck is actually built based on your Budget Cassy and ive been trying to put in some rare/new cards :slight_smile: But, for some reason I keep on struggeling at gold >.< Don’t know if it’s because of my playstyle, but I have the feeling that Im getting outplayed by many OP/legendary cards =/

I will definitely add you, thanks! :smiley:


Glad I could help hehe
Btw also add my smurf SirAlthur as I’m playing with it more recently than with my main.

Edit; I seem to have some technical issue that prevents me from being able to chat. So until this issue is somehow solved you can only contact me on discord…


Thanks for your comment!

Haha, Im low on spirit but wanted to throw in some legendaries (klaxon, kron)
I want Kelainos, but I need to pull dem rare abyss cards from the spirit orbs xD
But i might switch back to multiple copies, thanks! ^^


Alright, ill try and focus more on one mechanic, thanks! ^^


Dunno if it helps as I already quoted my related thread several time on messages like this one, but you may be interested to check this :slight_smile:

I started mid-month and, played casual, and before the end of the month had no real issues to reach Diamond. I didn’t have much time to test it to try to climb to S-Rank. And considering the meta, I doubt it may work to get to it.

But at least fo Gold & Diamond, it’s enough and not that hard, maybe 75% win ratio iirc (it was the end of the month, remember … don’t try it on the first day after ladder reboot or you may be steamrolled).


i am assuming you are going for a pure creep deck instead of an aggro deck.
drop the grasp, reflection, void steal, dancing blades, and zenrui

you dont have enough 1/2 drops for spelljammer, just grab a second sojourner. or rite. or dont.

get a third juggernaut, they can be a win condition

i like shadow nova to give me more creep, but its a personal preference and i tend to aim for the long game. it also has excellent synergy with ghost azaleas, and juggernauts already on the field.