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Newbie question to experienced players


Hello guys!

I started to play Duelyst a week ago and I got some legendaries and rare rainbow cards from factions I don’t use much (I like them but I can’t make a deck that fits my playstyle). Those cards are Fractal Replication, Metamorphosis and Voice of the Wind. I was thinking in disenchanting them and craft rares and common for Vetruvian, Abyssian and Songhai which are the factions I feel more comfortable.

I made it to silver 12 this week. But I feel i have to start crafting some cards to be able to make at least a budget deck fo each class I like in order to improve my rank.

Thanks a lot for your time!


i would hold on to voice of the wind since its a very strong zoo kara card
As for fractal and meta, they are both not play right now due to their high cost,also because fractal being too situational (require a bigg minion as a target to be good) and meta most of the times is just a 6 mana eggmorph; so it should be fine if u DE them
Also you should only choose 1 faction to focus on first, as all of your favorite factions are very costly (a lot of their staples are epics and legens)


Thanks a lot eternalshadow!

Is it no viable to craft some neutral rares and legendaries to compensate that can be used in any faction? Well I guess I will have to choose one as you say and go foward. I’m just no sure which faction I like the most. Thanks again for sharing your opinion with me. I don’t know about the meta of this game yet. But I have certainly noticed that I could not play efficiently with Fractal and Metamorphosis.


when i say staples i mean cards u cant replace :stuck_out_tongue: songhai will not be strong without lantern fox, granted there are songhai players who doesnt play the card in their decks; magmar wont be the same without makantor and so on.
except for songhai and vanar, all other faction have staple cards which serve as their win-con, u can play them without that card, but it wont be as good
Replacement wise:
Abyssian: swarm u can play void steal and refection in place of DFC and grimwar
obliterate has no replacement, and neither is Spectral revenant(play a different big drop or another removal)
vet: aymana is the only expensive staple and theres no cards like it in neutral, though u can play other tempo/value cards like dancing blade, starfire scarab in its place, other staples like falcius, obelisks are cheap (artifact vet is very, very expensive)
Songhai: im not a songhai main so i dont really know how to build their decks, also theres alot of playstyle

tl;dr: play all faction to get the feel for it, and choose one, epics>legens (except for vet), good neutral crafts include spelljammer, dancing blade(nobody plays around this anymore, hence its good), if lacking spirit, go full SMOrc :stuck_out_tongue:

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