Newbie Melee Tournament Week 2 - Free Orb for Participants!


Week 2 is Happening this Saturday, the 20th of May! Check in is starts at 3pm PDT.

Players are eligible to participate in this tournament if:
-The player has not reached Diamond or S-rank in any season;

Only ONE copy of an Epic and ONE copy of a Legendary card is allowed in the entire deckllst - both main deck and sideboard included

Single elimination bracket Matches are best of 3

ALL Participants who play at their first round WILL receive 1 Core Spirit Orb for participating regardless of the outcome of the round.

Please visit the link for further information

Interested in a casual round robin tournament?
So, the population

I’m coming back :slight_smile:


tfw you’re actually envious of galaxyduelers ability to be hardstuck gold 10


I mean, I kinda prefer being able to hit Diamond but I see what you mean.


Can’t make this one either


Free orbs dude

Also tourney ribbon


nope, no ribbon
Gotta play in the big boy league to git ribbons XD





Galaxydueler’s dreams crushed in few words.


I think its the first time i feel disappointed for reach diamond in a comp. game.


Bumping my own post up, because why not XD


Newbie Melee is tomorrow, 3pm PDT! Don’t forget to sign up before 11.59pm PDT today to be entered to win 1 of 2 sets of 10 core spirit orbs!! Please visit the link for further details


I’m gonna win this time!


That copy of mesmerize that I picked up the one time I made diamond gets more and more underwhelming every day.


Is the guy who won the last one allowed to play this one too?


Im only going to post this here and im going to go out slowly.

Its a last day preparation gift.


You disgust me.

Where is circulus?


You disgust me


its epic so it cant be : (


Have you met it’s compatriot, warbird?

@Yahlunna are you going to contest? I thought you couldn’t if you’ve already reached diamond?