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Deck building is still clunky for me. As a newb I have the usual and obvious questions:

  • Is my deck any good?
  • What should I disenchant?
  • What should I craft?
  • Can you make any suggestions to improve my deck?

It would be nice to add a visibility feature to decks and collections, empowering the community to better help players like myself.

Allowing deck visibility would help players improve decks by enabling easy viewing and critiquing, giving the community an easy way to show off all the variety of decks out there, and allowing showcases of what a good deck looks like.

When trying to build a deck and asking for advice I’m often given a list of what cards I should swap out of how I should build a certain kind of deck. Sadly, the replies often feature cards not in my collection.

Granting a player the ability to show one’s collection would help players help each other. When looking to improve a deck others can see the cards available. Such a feature would allow higher quality answers for oft asked question such as, “What should I disenchant?”, “What cards should I create?”, “What should I be using?”, and so forth.

Visibility for decks and collections could be limited to private, friends, or public. Perhaps even a special invite feature could be implemented. You might even piggy-back off the reddit deck-builder.

Implementing such features would take some time and planning, but I feel the payoff would be worthwhile. You would create a better new user experience by helping newer players get higher quality answers to questions. You would also create a mechanism for community building by giving players an easier/better way of sharing ideas and facilitating people helping people.



This. This is genius. If there was a way to link the game data to the forums or to duelystdb. @t2k5 is working on integrating missing collection cards to his awesome script, so maybe in the near future?


Some really interesting suggestions in here. Deck visibility especially is a really cool idea.


I’ve been planning to make a script that creates a dump of your full collection, but without making a server-backed UI for browsing another player’s collection, it would be limited to a plaintext list, or a list in CSV format so it could be imported to Excel etc. I could implement this export into the Collection enhancements package very easily, I’ll put it on the TODO list. :stuck_out_tongue:

Once I get duelyststats.info rolling properly, I could build an integrated UI so you could browse your friends’ collections in-game, provided they’re using the script and have enabled access.


So Scrolls had/has an option to purchase an entire pre-made deck for some gold. You’d get the cards composing the deck of course in your regular collection, and the deck would be in your deck list.

I don’t know how well this would work with Duelyst, since it has an achievement system for Basic faction on cards. But the plus to this option in Scrolls was that it a) communicated in the game client what a “good” or “very good” deck looked like and b) was yet another gold sink and aspirational goal for new players.

I think greater functionality with decks is a must; I put this forward as a potential supplement to that. The downside was that these pre-fab decks got dated (and discounted) over time.


Someone create a community dev badge for this guy.



You could just bum your graphics, card text, etc. from wiki. As long as the wiki stays current so does your data.


I can grab anything I want in-game, that’s not the issue. Without making a proper service for this, sharing the list with graphics and making it properly browsable just isn’t really practical.


Collection CSV export done, it’s part of the Collection enhancements script, so use that or the bundle (I recommend the bundle, since it gives you many other cool things) and press the “CSV” button in your Collection screen to export. Then just paste into Excel, OpenOffice etc. and share.

@Okojo thanks for the ping, this was a great suggestion. ^^


You’re welcome, thanks for being awesome.