New. Uncommon win conditions


What is your uncommon win condition?
I actually had an impressive win rate last session with frostiva+w.o.


Flaming Stampede …


What’s w.o.?
I… actually do not want to share my secrets :zipper_mouth:

I could give you another instead… damn ninja-ed, yes, it was Flaming Stampede (I do run this in a deck).


And Blood Taura…


Psychological manipulation with emotes to make my opponent concede. Works 200% of the time.


Bloodletter + Mist Dragon Seal (+ Killing Edge) :imp:


I assume Wailing Overdrive. :wink:


Works 1% of the time, every time


Mine? I pinged a “tempo” Argeon (HAH, tempo Argeon, thats like Control Songhai xD) anyway, wrecked his face with a Replacetruvian deck, pinged his Arclyte off so fast, a Songhai would been proud.


Chrysalis burst plus Morin khur, no one ever expects it.


An unanswered Moloki + Kolossus combo. You just don’t survive that, it’s basically a win after 2 turns.


Eclipse + Flaming Stampede


Decimus pings to death with spelljammer and starhorn. Once a Reva played HE with decimus on board, then just conceded


Zyx/Zirix bbs/Pax + Inner Oasis and pray your opponent gives up (doesn’t work against vaath because plasma storm)


That doesn’t make sense.


Polarity, on Golems, or a Whistling Blade :slight_smile:


That’s the idea ;^)


Well as long as it’s made with bits of real Tiger, I’ll know it’s good.

sorry I’ll stop now, didn’t intend to harm the thread

My uncommon win condition is Sworn Avenger in a heal deck! BAMFing in with Aegis Barrier and growing it to unsavory size is mean, but a lot of fun (when it works anyway).


Time Maelstrom + Hexblade +Falcius/Staff/etc. Nobody ever expects it:P


Yup, combo ArtiVet decks. FUN AS HECK.