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New to the game,Im using a Vetruvian Deck

Heya Ive been playing the game for about a week now(although i signed up about a month ago).My current deck is currently Vetruvian.I want to upload it to get feedback for it but I cant because i cant find an option to do that in game.I found a blog that talks about scripts to do this but I cant really understand it(never done scripting before).Can someone tell me how I can upload my deck?I want to hear about what my deck needs.

Im currently Rank21 and have a decent w/l ratio so far (3 wins 1 loss).
Im f2p and dont plan on spending money on the game(tbh I have the same stance with most other games too).
Id like advice on what to sell for spirits,as what I used to do before was just sell everything I could from other factions for the spirit.I now feel like I may play [Abyssian],[Magmar] or [Lyonar].The others I will continure to be selling all cards of.Not sure what to spend my spirit on,too.I want some englightment

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Hello, welcome to the forums! To upload decks use bagoum.com.



Either build your deck there (card by card) or use the export feature (Duelyst, deck building screen, button in bottom right corner) and import in in Bagoum.
Once you have the deck finished, save it (as “horizontal” and use the Imgur button to get a link) and post it here.

This might get you started (though it might no longer be completely up to date.


Also pointing you towards our wiki which is top notch.

You don’t need scripts for deck sharing, scripts are used for other things (broadly: Game user interface improvements).


Greetings, Child of the Sands.

Allow me to share with you the legend of the Holy Sword, The Spinecleaver…

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maybe no longer a child,I already have the final general unlocked for Veturvian :smiley:

Thank y’all for your guidance!
Ill upload a new post soon with my deck !

nO u
stop being NoSEy in the newcomer’s face

-get fault ,khanum ka and rae
=completely free gold
=play remotely decent and you also got free dia

Eh I play decently.Havent got a single diamond as of yet.Ill have a look at those,thanks.

I can’t use my PC rn

he means getting to diamond rank, which he is correct in saying is pretty easy to reach if you play with any semblence of skill.

And any kind of competent deck…
I would be amazed if you could reach dia with this

deckbuilding is also a skill tbf :wink:
and with that deck I could probably make it to diamond, it would be a bit of a slog, but managable.

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You seem to forget that most people just netdeck…is that a skill too in your opinion?

yeah sure, it takes skill to find the right deck for you on the internet :wink:


Ah I see.Im silver rn.But can you reach diamond being f2p.I will probably never spend.

Ive hit s rank and im f2p
Diamond didnt take that long at all, very easy to do.

I agree with blob, don’t at all think it’d be unrealistic for a great player to make diamond even with that Maehv deck Terrarius posted, memey though it may be. I make S with 2k budget decks every month since March when I created a second account & hit S rank in less than 100 games/7 days as f2p.

This month’s article (on Maehv!) coming soon, here are my previous ones, some of those decks have received small nerfs that may make them slightly less optimal, but nothing so significant that they wouldn’t be capable of hitting S rank in the hands of a capable player.

Welcome to the game mate. The community is generally pretty helpful so feel free to ask questions as you like.


yes, reaching s as ftp is very possible with enough skill in a single month from starting the game, and is shown by many players all the time

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yep pretty much.