New to Lyonar, need help on a deck


Hey guys arcticlion here. I am reasonably experienced at the game and have a faction ribbon for both Abbysian and Vanar and have made it to diamond 4 being my highest rank. Recently I have been getting into Lyonar and wanted to make a healonar deck but then I found out how many god damn epics I needed so I decided to make an Aeregon control deck. This is it so far let me know if there’s anything I desperately need or have added that can be replaced and no I don’t have any arceleyte regalia’s otherwise I would be using them.



Looks solid. The only obvious things that come to mind: more 2-drops. Five 2-drops is very little and will often result in awkward turn 1 plays. Also a third Immolation (but I guess you already knew that). Rest looks fine.


(Using this as a jump off point)

I dont think you’d need Repulsor Beast. It’s not really that useful.

Scintilla is a core card, so let’s add 3x of it.

I’d say 1 more Lion is also good.

Personally I feel like Martyrdom is a relic, as in you don’t need it anymore as much.

Prism Barrier is also good! Dunno why you aren’t running it.

3 Sunblooms are overkill IMO.

I noticed your deck lacks AOE; I’d recommend Skorn or Sunbreaker.



Maybe try adding some dioltas? since you have that divine bond shenanigans going on


I would definitely be running prism barrier if I had it! But I do happen to have scintilla so I will give them a whirl. On the topic of martydom, repulsor beast and sun bloom, I run them because I find myself needing a lot of removal cards. I will chuck out 1 martydom, 1 repulsor beast and 1 saberspine because that scintilla sounds promising. the reason I run sun bloom x3 in my deck is because with my other decks I run ephmeral shroud as my dispel but with lyonar you can get quite a few crispy blooms because of people’s tendency to clump minions together (and its a ranged dispel).


I do have 1 dioltas so I might chuck them in there but i do like making sure i have 2’s and 3’s for consistency.


Yeah I crafted those two imolations because I knew they were too strong to leave out. I will add another azurite lion for those turn 1 plays but other than that I can’t think of many valuable 2 drops


Bloodtear Alchemist, Sun Wisp, Ephemeral Shroud, Healing Mystic. All of those are solid, depending on what you think your deck needs.


I actually just shared two of my Lyonar decks, give them a look if you please. All Lyonar decks seem short on removal but since your goal is to be playing on tempo and applying constant pressure, I find myself rarely needed more than what I have.


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