New to Duelyst - tips for my deck? (Budget)


So, noting that I’m on a budget, I did some research into budget Songhai and this is what I’ve got.

So, some tips on where to go from here would be great. I feel like this is okay, but not good, per se. Knowing where to go to keep up the aggro theme I’m aiming for here would be excellent - some cards to consider crafting, ways to improve the deck and whatnot.

As far as for my own thoughts going in - I’m not sold on Shidai Stormblossom, nor on Cryptographer. Neither of them seem to offer me TOO much benefit compared to what other things could be there; Reva and Kaleos are both difficult Generals to say no to. As for the Cryptographer, I don’t know what would be placed in its stead, only that it doesn’t seem to offer me much.

The other issue is I seem to run into “dead hands” once later stages of the game start to roll around; I can’t pick up enough pieces to combo spells/minions into a big burst consistently around this stage, and I can’t pick up early enough wins to avoid the late game falloff.

Basically, tips on Songhai, my deck, and where to go from here would all be appreciated.


Reva is a definite better choice for this list

Other than that I’m not good at building Aggro lists, but with this amount of spells Chakri Avatar seems good. Also you may want to add some draw. Sojourner is a good buff target due to its health, also you may enjoy Neutral Sis. Other (non Budget) options include Lantern Fox and SpellJammer, they fit your list well.


@eurasianjay, are you still here? Got any suggestions?


Congratulations, your deck actually isn’t a mess. I think you can slowly develop this list in to either an Aggro Reva or a Midrange Kaleos. I understand you like Shidai, but there really isn’t much incentive in using her in decks other than Arcanyst or Mantra.


I think Artifact Hai with Shidai also has its appeal, though I never managed to build Shidai ArtiHai deck which would work better than Reva one.


I suppose that could work as well. Never thought about it though.


You do have to note that the op mentioned they were on a budget.

That said, I think going with Kaleos over Shidai would be better for this as well as having saberspine tiger replace mizuchi for a little more burst would help @finalflash.

Going to tag @niklaren for further advice


Reva, Chakri, Soj and Neutral Sis are budget choices I suggested.


Was referring to your ArtiHai suggestion which often finds itself relying on spirit heavy cards like cresent spear, mantra, or 8g8s.

Then again, if you were referring to the chakri avatar variant then that would be another viable budget consideration


Oh no, I was not seriously proposing ArtiHai as a budget choice, sure :slight_smile: Was just speaking of viable archetypes for Shidai in general.


No im not, stop pinging me REEEEEE.


Cleaned up some numbers and fixed your curve a bit, I don’t particularly like Shidai for this style of play over Reva. Naturally the deck contents changes a lot depending on your general choice of Reva/Kaleos as far as budgetary options are concerned. My one bit of advice is never undervalue draw, with the amount of spells you’re wanting to play as Songhai you’re likely to need more draw than you’d think and is a prime reason old spell centric aggressive decks sometimes played upwards to 10-12+ such effects in their lists.


The lack of Mizuchi makes a me a little sad, not gonna lie, but I’m perfectly willing to accept I have no idea what the hell I’m doing.

I’ve made the adjustments you mentioned here and I’ll give it a whirl. Worst thing that happens is I don’t like it, eh?


sentinel spam is a fun archetype, but idk about running them on songhai since their sentinels got hit by a nerf recently.

that said, suzumebachi gets less effective the smarter your opponents get. you’ll need to give them a damn good reason for their general to attack. abyssian, for example, can bait people with their incredibly powerful artifacts. idk what songhai can do, but i’ll let you know if i figure smth out


Zendo into Mizuchi? :smile:


It should be noted and not to discredit the level of players in lower divisions but as p2 playing the sentinel and using IF to clear their t1 play is a very valid way to completely blow out opponents at lower skill floors since they often WILL call your bluff and try to clear it with face, which often wins the game on the spot anyway.


I think I’m going to try that out this instant.


A more practical minion, given general usage would also be Wild Tahr as it will always hit back for a guaranteed 5 anyway while threatening a big frenzy that turn to boot.


I mean, as a meme.


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