New Tag / Duplicates


If I open an orb and it gives me a card I already have 3 of, it still tags it as new. And it remains tagged as new even after I’ve disenchanted extras, and I’m just staring at a “new” primus fist, thinking “huh”?

Only a minor annoyance, but I’d prefer it if it didn’t tag 4th copies of cards as new.


You can click on the cog and then click on “dismiss new” to remove all notifications.


Yeah, it’s a bit annoying sometimes but it’s just trying to remind you what you’ve opened most recently. When you open a pack with dupes, you can click the gear near the search bar and select an option to remove all active “new” notifications at once.


Oh, yeah, I know I can mass dismiss new - but then that means I lose the new tag for cards which ARE new.

Usually I just pop “new” in the search box and run the mouse over them, but it would be slightly nicer if I didn’t have to filter out the new-new cards from the tagged-but-not-new cards using my brain. It’s no big deal though.


Ah, glad to see you know the other trick. I’m a fan of doing that myself. I do agree it would be nice to have an easier means of removing the notification on excess duplicates. Going back to your original point, I do believe it would be fitting to have the “new” notification removed from cards that you auto disenchant.


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