New Spells animation, do you want it?


Hey there, message to all player but also the devs if it’s really something we ask for. But well I will not tell you what to do, your pixel art work is great and I’m sure you’re working on it somewhere. Just like our old friend Mana Burn that became Chromatic Cold.

So I was wondering about some spell, their animation is the same sometimes with two different of them.

Let’s take an exemple in abyss and Vanar :

  • Obliterate = consuming rebirth. They have the same purple head monster as an animation, and it doesn’t even match with Obliterate effect. Do YOU players, want something else ? Like Giant Shadow Creep Spine emerging from the ground under each ennemies. (that would match the image of the spell too)

  • FrostBurn = Cryogenesis on each minion. I’m not against a single line animation and not a FULL SCREAN animation. But because they are the same, well, the same. I don’t remember clearly but someone can remind me if Avalanch also have the same animation ? And same question do you want different animation.

Then last question, is there another spell that might be better with another animation, and not using the one of another spell ?

Hope you will make it constructive, if some of you are good with pixel art why not create some gif here ? (we can place animation here right ?)


To my understanding, the developers chose to use existing animations for cards from Denizens of Shim’Zar so they could get the expansion out more quickly. New animations are to be patched in later. See Counterplay confirms improved Shim’Zar Animations in the works.


Well thanks for those details. At least we can still use this topic for idea of animation if some have them, or Fan-Made animation. Well do what you want it’s a game forum. Just don’t change the idea guys ^^.