New Songhai units?


Yes, yes, Songhai does not really need new units, the ones we have right now are doing very well. Perhaps too well. I am looking at you Lantern Fox !
But will this stop me from hoping ? No it won’t. Anyway, onto the point.
If you paid a bit attention to the Songhai parts of the Codex, it is mentioned at some point that the seals, such as the Saberspine Seal, are “modeled” after beasts that exist within the Songhai territory. Taking the exemple of the Saberspine Seal, it is obviously modeled after the infamous Saberspine Tiger, a creature that lives in the Saberspine mountains, in Xaan. And the Saberspine is an actual unit in the game, though it’s not a Songhai one.
Buuuut. We have other seals in the game, such as the Mist Dragon Seal, the Onyx Bear Seal and the Deathstrike Seal. Could it mean those units will be part of the game at some point ? We would get three new units, a dragon ( yay ), a snake ( yay ) and maybe the Onyx Bear refers to the Pandos though, who knows.
Now their abilities ! The seals are said to imbue the Songhai with the attributes of the beasts, so I think it’s safe to say that the abilities they would have would be somewhere along those lines :
Mist Dragon : Opening Gambit : Teleport to a chosen space
Deathstrike Cobra ( eh, I’m not sure about this name ) : Destroy any minion it damages.
I’m a bit skeptical about this one though, there’s already a similar minion.
Onyx Bear : Eh, I’m lazy, let’s just say it’s the Pandos.


Spoon o’ salt
NaCl Mana/Songhai Minion
Add 1 BURN damage to their wound each time BURN damage is applied to your opponents general or ego.

On the serious side: I’d love more ‘tactician and sabotage’ styled units like Zendo, its just really difficult to balance those, since cards like that are really, really damn frustrating potentially.

Oh, and i will never understand why people inner focus their Ki beholder to kill the 2 drop they just immobilized.


its just songhai not realizing that they arent playing against songhai, who can completely disregard the board with teleports, burst damage and BURN

mist dragon seems like a flying minion. when designing a card, its better to make something teleport instead of giving it flying for 1 turn. its probably a flying minion that gains +1/1 every time it moves like jaguar, but only for itself. (its got them moves like jaguar)

the cobra… i cant think of a design that would be good and not straight up better in abyssian than songhai.


Of course Songhai needs new units for Kaleos ,I wish the devs luck because going be pretty hard to make units that are good in Kaleos and are strong but they doesn’t boost reva.


Hmm, yeah. When I think about it, the Cobra would better fit Abyssian. But I still hope they add it. And make it Songhai. For the Mist Dragon I could see an Onyx Jaguar like effect but instantly teleporting it would have a direct effect on the board, it could have its uses.

Well, I would appreciate it too but I think Kaleos already has good cards. Backstab is a pretty solid archrtype already, maaaybe they could reinforce the move archetype that probably doesn’t actually exist.


I love the idea of sabotage Songhai and the mind games theme. It fits the flavour of the faction and leads to interesting cards. Unlike Vetruvian sabotage, which is magical mind control, Songhai sabotage seems more like pure mind games and trickery.

Something like:

Xaan Briber
4 mana, 3/3
OG: Take control of a minion. This minion switches sides at the end of each turn. When you control it, it gains backstab 2.

keep your ‘battle honour’ Starhorn, I intend to end this war as soon as possible, through whatever means

  • Kaleos Xaan

I know it might not be perfectly balanced, but I figured that it fit Songhai’s philosophy (reach peace as quickly as possible, even it it involves backstabbing and dishonesty) and further their difference from Lyonar.


For the Deathatrike Cobra, what about;
a) Targeting an enemy minion and sapping its attack, perhaps to 0?
b) Targeting an enemy minion which, when it dies, causes a positive effect to occur, like draw for lack of a better example.
c) A combination of the two.

Must dragon, I agree, seems like a flying minion which buffs itself, a suggestion which was already made.


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