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New Skin Palette Swaps by Qaaz


Hello! My name is Qaaz and recently I’ve been making some palette swaps for different minions in Duelyst. For the most part, I’ve done neutral minions, as they match with most anything and don’t have a predetermined class color set that makes them blend in. I hope to continue making these as they offer a nice spice of life to the game that I quite enjoy. If anyone has any requests, I’d be glad to take them through my discord, which is Max “Qaaz”#0149. As I continue making these, I’ll be keeping this post updated, so check back every now and again for more new skins. Thanks!


Brown Ripper



Sanguine Obelysk



Black, Blue, And Gold Aethermaster


Green Chaos Elemental


Electric Jaxis
Jax Truesight




Mini Jaxi


Violet Saberspine Alpha


Amethyst and Jade Purgatos


Pink and White Impervious Giago


Neon Strike Mythron Wanderer


Instructions for using these palette swaps ingame:

When replacing modded skin files, always be sure to save a backup of the originals somewhere safe!

  1. Save the gamefile of your choice to a safe folder, and rename it by removing the bracketed part at the beginning of the file (Ex. renaming “[Brown]f5_gibblegup” to “f5_gibblegup”).

  2. Find your “units” folder under Duelyst > resources > app > src > resources > units.

  3. Move the version of the unit into the units folder, and replace at destination.


These look awesome! I add them to the wiki: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Pixel_Art#Skin_Modding

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