New Quests Good Or Not?


They made it even more easy to complete dailies for strong players and x100 times harder for beginners, how is it fair?
150 dmg to generals… when people with legendary decks at low ranks are stomping u so hard that u can’t even reach enemy general? How will it “take 5-10 games to complete” for me now?
Same for 50 minions, it will take around 25 games to complete against strong decks.
Seems like I can only do 20 gold quest now… without sinking half day into the game, that is (since its not possible for working people as you may understand).

With old quests I could at least gather 50 gold per day with no problem, then buy a booster in 2 days and slowly expand cardpool, now what? 20 gold per day and booster in 5 days?

I don’t think I will follow game with DAILY quests of that difficulty level (we will see though -.-)


To me the quest changes are bad. I’m already lucky if I manage to play all days, let alone playing more than 4 matches. This sounds like a bad design decision if we want to let more players in.


I have to agree that the longer quests are too long for newer players. It would function better as a weekly quest. Maybe if there were two daily quests and one weekly quest?


Very bad, rich gets richer poor gets poorer but im in the former.


My first game today I won but because my opponent conceded just as I had built my board and was about to go in for the kill, I spent 7 or 8 minutes and got 4/150 of my quest completed.

This seems really unfortunate.


The damage quest took quite a few games to complete. If the opponent doesn’t heal and you manage to kill them then thats only 25 damage or 1/6th of the quest. Realistically it’s going to take about 8 games to complete, which is acceptable for me until they start conceding when I’m going for board control.


Basically you have to play SMOrc decks to do that quest now. I will be avoiding it at all costs.

Also, I’m no longer going to concede early in games, to give others a chance to finish their quests.


Full agreement on the 150 damage quest. Just had a game of that sort. Now it almost feels like conceding is a dick move in those cases. >:C

Also, to what qelter said about conceding, it’s strange. I now feel torn between “that was a good game/he’s a good player” and “!@#, !#@, @#!$ he conceded and I don’t get my quest progress and gold!”. -_-


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