New player with no legedaries - Tips for building a creep cass deck?


Started playing this game a few days ago and really like the art and depth of strategy. But it’s seems a bit pay to win (9 epics = one legendary???).

So keeping in mind I have very few epics, a few rares and (finally) all the basics, can you recommend a cheap shadow creep deck? I have all the basic cards for it (juggernaut, shadow nova, ooz, night fiend etc.) I just want a direction to head in, a final goal for the deck if you will. I looked at a few of the deck lists on these forums that revolve around creep already and they’re all super expensive (one had 13 legendaries!).

My current noob deck:

Abyssal Crawler x3
Sphere of darkness x3
Darkspine elemental x3
Gloom chaser x3
Ooz x3
Spectral Blade x1
Repulser Beast x1
Void Steal x1
Wraithling Swarm x3
Abyssal Juggernaut x3
Primus Shield Master x3
Shadow Nova x3
Night Fiend x3
Dark Transformation x3
Shadow Dancer x2
Bone Reaper x1

Most of the rares and all of the epics just happen to be stuff I got from spirit orbs, or I would have more of them in there. So any ideas for easy swaps would be great!

Thanks for your help
-Mr Lime

Help for Cass Deck

Kelaino is better for healing in creep decks than shadow dancer. You only need to craft the rares to get it.


I honestly don’t think its worth running a creep deck without the legends. It’s the entire point of the deck. If you are adamant I would disenchant your other factions and work towards obliterate. Otherwise maybe look into another faction like Vanar.


This is a budget deck i just made for the creep archetype, you can add your blade instead of x1 void pulse :slight_smile:
Then the epic to work toward would be rite of the undervault, and the legendary for abyssian in general, spectral revenant (x2) then for creep, ghost azalea first x1 then obliterate x1 then the 2nd ghost azalea.


In all honesty, I wouldn’t recommend Cassyva until you’re at least able to craft 1x Obliterate and 1x Ghost Azalea. Otherwise, you’re going to be all creep and no threat (beyond the Abyssal Juggernauts). Ultimately, it’s difficult to offer suggestions without knowing your “spirit situation”. Here are some general suggestions:

Must Remove

  • Gloomchaser: profoundly bad, has no place in Cass
  • Shadowdancer: has no place in Cass
  • Bonereaper: too circumstantial
  • Void Steal: profoundly bad outside of dedicated swarm
  • Wraithling Swarm: has no place in Cass

Consider Removing

  • Night Fiend: too circumstantial; 2 damage is weak in mid-game, and the 3/3 body is a joke for a 5-drop
  • Shadow Nova: results in profound tempo-loss; without Obliterate and Ghost Azalea, this card is useless

Must Include

  • Obliterate: this is the dedicated finisher; without it, creep is laughable
  • Ghost Azalea: this is the secondary finisher
  • Daemonic Lure: premier Abyssian spell; performs all the roles (pseudo-removal of tanky/tricky minions, gaining access to far-away or high-value minions, etc.)
  • Ephemeral Shroud: 2-mana dispel is absurd

Consider Including

  • Dancing Blades: premier 5-drop, not played around at lower ranks
  • Healing Mystic: premier 2-drop, useful throughout match
  • Jaxi: premier 2-drop
  • Sojourner: card-draw engine with okay cost/stats
  • Silhouette Tracer: enables sneaky Ghost Azalea finishers, or allows you to escape from sticky situations
  • Shadow Sister Kelaino: premier Abyssian minion; will win games if not answered
  • Maw: premier 2-drop
  • Blistering Skorn: premier 3-drop
  • Chakkram: good tempo, possible aggro deterrent

When you have the spirit

  • Spectral Revenant: premier Abyssian minion; does all the things
  • Inquisitor Kron: this minion is absurd, will win games if not answered
  • Klaxxon: will win games if opponent doesn’t have the dispel


you did read the part where he said he has no legendaries, right? because that’s 5 different legends you mentioned


I think you’re missing the point. He’s saying that without legendaries you can’t make a creep deck. Your best bet is to not revolve around creep till you get any of the aforementioned legendaries. The biggest thing about a creep deck is that you’re building a resource that only gains value by those legendaries. Without them your win condition is either just your Abyssal Juggernaut or just throwing minions at them until they die.


I would switch to swarm for now if I were you. Abyssian is probably the most expensive faction in the game - their decks fall apart completely without legendaries, but swarm suffers a bit less from that. To play creep with any success you will 100% need Klaxon and Obliterate. Azalea would also be nice, but it is less neccesary. Without those cards you just won’t have the lategame threats and the finishers you direly need, since Shadow Creep by itself is a bit shit now.

In swarm, on the other hand, you can make do with only Bloodmoons, Kelaino and Shadowdancers. Swarm also really likes stuff like Deathfire, but it is less essential since just swamping the board with wraithlings will win you some games.

But ultimately my advice would be - go for another faction. Lyonar builds pretty well as a budget faction, especially now - Afterblaze, Slo, and Sun Wisp are all great commons. Songhai needs a bunch of Epics, but most legendaries are not super essential. There is a silly Pokemon Magmar build RyanH made which requires 0 legendaries and is actually very fun to play (though I don’t expect it to do well beyond silver). Abyssian is probably the worst faction to start with - all of their decks a built around legendaries in one way or another.


Excuuuuuse ME! SIR! Vetruvian is totally a faction and still exists.


Well they are kinda on par, both need a lot of legendaries to be good.


Thanks for the great reply friend!

The reason I decided to work toward an Abysian Deck is because roughly half the cards I got from my first 7 spirit orbs were for Abysian (not a single legendary though…). So I thought, okay then seems to make sense that the strongest decks for me to try and build for is an Abysian deck. So I disenchanted all non neutral and Abysain cards and started crafting.

Turns out, legendaries are ridiculously over priced. 9 epics to make just one is insane! Not to mention that so far I’ve only gotten 4 of them, all of them for other classes. I disenchanted all of those to work towards completing the rare set to unlock that other card whose name I can’t remember right now.

Looks like I’ve chosen a long road to walk down. But thanks to you, I think I one day might get there. With any luck I’ll simply get some of the cards I need from orbs, but we’ll see.