New Player Seeking Help


Greetings fellow Duelysts,

I’m relatively new to this game and have been scraping together an abyssian creep deck.
Now the main issue here is ever since I got to about rank 16 I’ve been getting absolutely decimated by everyone. I’ve been making alterations here and there and currently this is my list;

If anyone has any deck alteration suggestions they’d be appreciated since I’m not sure if it’s an issue with my play or my preparation. I’m not necessarily dead set on sticking with a creep deck since playing swarm is pretty fun too, I just got lucky with a few legendaries.


You actually seem to have a pretty solid deck. Kron is still a decent-good card, but something else might fill the slot better. Do you find yourself having trouble against a specific faction or deck type in particular?

Azure Herald might be a good card to swap out the Healing Mystics for, as you generally will be healing yourself anyway instead of minions.


Your list seems okay for the most part, although one concern I see is that you have a lot of 1 or 2 mana minions/spells but your only draw power is two Rite of the Undervault. For comparison, I play a faster variant of Cassyva that plays 3 Rite of the Undervault and has a lower curve in general and I have 23 cards that are 2 mana or less, which is the exact same as in your list. If you find that you often run low on cards later in the game and have to rely on topdecking then this may be something to look into.

Oh and Spectral Revenant can be a game finisher on his own and if possible you should play a third copy.


Mostly it’s Lyonar that absolutely tilts me off the face of the planet.
If I can weather the early game it’s not too bad but I think my main issue is getting some early presence and keeping it.
But around the 4-6 mana turns I tend to find myself in situations where I can’t deal with the board and find it hard to get the necessary tools to deal with it in hand.


As soon as I have the spirit I’ll be getting third copies of both Rite and Spectral Revenant.
I tend to not find myself running low on resources but that’s typically because I either gain the upper hand or fail astoundingly long before I have the opportunity to run out of steam.
I know it’s just confirmation bias but there feels to be very little middle ground in my games :smiley:


I read your other reply about early game presence, and I really recommend trying out Grasp of Agony. If your opponent doesn’t play around it properly, or if you can combo with Daemonic Lure, you can create a pretty big tempo swing and clear your opponent’s board while dealing some face damage. It works pretty well against Lyonar too since they usually group their minions and general together.


For Lyonar having strong removal is very important. Ritual Banishing is super good, but much more reliable if you are playing Lilith over Cassyva. Dark Transformation is 5 Mana so against Ironcliffe you are even on Mana/Tempo + you get a wraithling on board.


Cheers for the tips.
Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, had to sleep and work.
I’ve swapped in those Azure Heralds since as you rightly pointed out I never really used the mystics to heal minions and they seem to be faring better.

Also Grasp of Agony is working wonders. I never thought it would make such a significant difference. but it’s really helping when I feel board presence is getting out of control for me.


No sweat on the delay, just happy to be of help. Grasp of Agony is extremely good early game, as you can sometimes clear 2 minions and get some good general damage in, but smarter players will start playing around it. I still run 2 or 3x in just about every deck though. It is a good comeback mechanic, but sometimes it can be a dead card.