New player reporting for duty! :D


Hello everyone!

I’m Andraxxus and I just started playing a few days ago and the game is just amazing, after Etherlords I didn’t think I would ever get to play a game that would remind me of the HoMM series, glad I was wrong. :smiley:

While reading about the game to try and get better I came across the Humble Bundle Promotion but sadly I was too late to get any code from it :sob: and all the codes I managed to find on the internet have either already been claimed or seem to be on shady sites, is there any chance that some kind soul might have a spare one to share ?

Even if not this community seems really great and I look forwards to being a part of it, even though I probably won’t be able to contribute much due to being so new I will continue to inform myself about the game and maybe one day I will be able to help other players when they first join like how new players get help now. :smiley:

Thank you for your time and gl hf everyone. :+1:


Welcome to our glorious community! If you want advice please ask @kevin2hard to be your guide.


Welcome to Meme-lyst. Joking, glad to have more players around here, hopefully the popularity will continue to grow and allow the game to prosper.


Hey, welcome to the game. There are plenty of new player guides(crafting, deckbuilding, positioning, cards to play around) out there, if you need help on any topics let us know and we can link you the guides. Glad you enjoy the game along with the rest of us here and hope that you get some good drops when you open your orbs!


Welcome to the forums and the game Andraxxus.

As far as what you said about “informing yourself”, just about anyone here will answer any questions or hold discussion about the game, and so will a lot of people you play against, if you add them. The friendly community doesn’t just end with the posts here :?)


Mwahahahaha, welcome to Meme’s Lair !
Huh, wrong forum ?
Anyway, welcome aboard the ship lad and don’t worry, we’ve all been or still arr scrubs here.


You should definitely visit our reddit page.
There you can find a mega thread named “Humble Bundle Code Request”.
Not to mention you can find some very funny posts there…

I used to never look at reddit pages, but the Duelyst community changed that and now I go there everyday. XD


haha good one bro


Glad you liked it.