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New player looking to learn how to abyssian


You can use http://bagoum.com/deckbuilder to make and post your decks in a picture


Here we are, my “I’ve been playing this game for 2 days” deck


Well, looks too good for “playing 2 days” deck :slight_smile:

However, Crescendo is not well suited for such a deck. With crown you want your swarm to live, not to die.


Welcome to the dark side


Seems decent :slight_smile: I see no problems with 1-off Crescendo in this deck as it’s an alternative wincon. You should do well with this deck in Silver and Gold.


I used to main swarm consistently to diamond, I am s rank. Here is my two cents on swarm. But first, a PSA vs creep

Control cassyva Shadow creep is also extremely weak right now because it is A very late game deck, and this expansion just released mythrons which are exttremely powerful late game win conditions that compete with cass. They also had their strongest creep generation dissapear from rotation.

When playing swarm, try to play very aggressive. There is no reason to play cards back, and playing up lets you dominate your opponent by trading in wraithlings with neccessary targets.
Take out dangerous enemy targets like grow minions, makantor, etc when neccessary, but always maintain a good sized swarm. Make sure next turn he cant trade into most wraithlings, and its a good idea to plan have a swarm of about 4-6 dudes every turn, depending on the win conditions in your hand, an example is having double soulshatter pact. Have the biggest swarm possible and dont trade in that case, because db soulshatter is the earliest possible lethal.

Dont actually play around board wipes as much as people may say, because you still need wraithlings to threaten lethal at any time. For example, when magmar will be on 5 next, try to hold one or two swarm cards to be able to pull a swarm after the nukes hit. However, if you dont have a swarm, or only 2-3 wraithlings, you generally want to pull out the big donger of swarms to get ready to push for lethal, or maintain the tempo lead

Unlike magic, where you dont have to block with your white weenies, duelyst allows people to trade freely, so you cant afford to play around Aoe as much as usual.

Try to only use win cons to get lethal, but in some cases use grimwar without trading to threaten value if your opponent uses a board wipe. Or a crescendo after someone used their removal on your blood tide priestess to get a huge tempo swing.


Just for reference in case you actually did the hard way of slowly picking cards.

Fast way to get deck is to put your code without the [deck name] after bagoum.com/deckbuilder#
So if your deck code looks like [NAME]CodeABC
You type bagoum.com/deckbuilder#CodeABC


I don,t know how important the meta is to you but Abyssian is overall considered as the weakest faction right now


Yea I was looking at the watch tab and saw that there were literally no abyssian replays lol, but as a new player just trying to learn the basics I’ve always played something that was “bad” to learn.
Ex. Control Warrior in HS at the peak of TGT aggro shitfest

I will be playing more meta stuff as I play and expand my collection but I’m still bronze and pretty sure most everything works


I think I’m late to the party-
Welcome to the Abyss!
I’m Bel, your friendly neighborhood spikechild. I don’t swarm a lot, but I do like using shadow creeps in my deck which is another archetype for Abyss. If you ever feel like getting into that I can give ya a few strategies I often play!

Good luck and hope the salt of other peeps don’t bother you too much uwu


I am the physical manifestation of the “salt of other peeps”, and I approve of this message.


Abyss can bring you to Diamond or even S, but it is hard work compared to the other factions that have more exploitable stuff.
Sometimes it is worth it though to play a deck that no one promotes. Since Furor Chakram things have changed. You can’t compare it to Soulshatter pact, because of Frenzy, but people still do.

@trueblooper Please try to get at least into 15 silver or gold with it. I’d like to hear your opinion.


I almost feel bad, this deck is working very well at least in as low elo as I am, currently 7-0 total rank 22-21 roughly going to continue and learn more :slight_smile:


low rank before 10 is easy with swarm, then u get to higher rank and get trash by rebuke and other aor card. enjoy while u can :slight_smile:

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