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New player looking to learn how to abyssian


Hello Duelyst forums! Me and my friend recently saw this game on steam and wanted to give it a shot he’s fallen in love with magmar, while I’ve been playing abyssian and getting flamed because the swarm like style it plays with the basic deck, someone like me with experience with other tcgs such as Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering understand that the basic decks are well, basic decks. Tried to look on YouTube and such for guides and help but it all seems outdated since all of it is before the standard ranked system was put into the game. I hope I’m not posting this in the wrong place, just a new player with interest to learn this fun new tcg I found looking for some guidance ^-^


Hi! Welcome! You are in the right place.


There are a few main unique archetypes to abyss.
shadowcreep develops tiles of shadowcreep which deal one damage to any enemy on it, and the rest of the decks synergize with that.
dying wish, which is just sacrifice decks.
and hyperswarm, which is something you should be familiar with by now with any card game experience.

If you want to play friendlys to get some tips on positioning and such, tell me your in game name


Hello, welcome to the cult, please visit this thread

Also, who the hell is flaming you for playing swarm? Your magmar friend? Well…he really shouldnt.


probably just some hardstuck bronzes


Oh right, those get so triggered by it


You’ll probably find these topics to be interesting for deck ideas.


Yeah he is getting upset because I just surround my general with the 1/1s so his grow minions can’t get to me it’s pretty funny


Hey thanks, I saw the shadow creep archtype and thought the zoning ability with the unique board style this game has would be really interesting since I really enjoy grindy/control decks but I’m having alot of fun swarming the board with 1/1s then doing insane burst with that basic card that gives all minions +2 attack for the turn
Edit: forgot to plug my ign it’s just TrueBlooper (:


Yeah he’s pretty new to tcgs I had to explain to him what a chump blocker was lmao


the thing is different abyssian decks play very differently
abyssian is the most segregated faction as there isnt just one set of cards all decks play (except lure)
the one thing you need to learn above all else is positioning and counting more so for abyssian than any other faction
counting lethal from 15 wraithlings in awkward positions can be easy to miss

tips for swarm archetype

1: always count how many things can die if you have deathwatch in hand or on board. be very careful as there will be a lot of things on board if you are doing it right.

2: use your opponents turn to plan your moves (just in general, even more so with lots on the board)

3: keeping your swarm alive is important but so is staying within range to be able to cash it in. knowing when to switch between aggressive and defensive is key. baiting your opponent into walking towards your swarm is difficult, but your most likely win condition.

4: if your opponent is magmar, lyonar, songhai, or has a thunderhorn, your swarm WILL be answered one way or another no matter what you do. plan on it. if your opponent is one of those and has 5 mana get as much use/damage out of your swarm as you can before plasma storm, rebuke, tempest, flamewreath, ghost lightning, or any thunderhorn shenanigans(songhai/vet/vanar) can wipe your entire board.

5: never dump your entire hand unless you have lethal or no choice. the best way to counter point #4 is to always be able to recover after a board wipe. its good in the early game to swarm the board before they can get their aoe to clear your board and just win turn 2, but this can backfire and requires a god like opening hand

6: playing a bunch of minions around an empty space(against songhai,magmar,lyonar) or your general(against songhai,vanar,vetruvian) in the middle is very dangerous as every faction has a way to punish you for that by killing everything around that spot

7: always hold onto at least 1 win condition even if it doesnt seem useful right now. grimwar, soulshatter pact, furor chakram, even shadowdancer. without these, your swarm cant actually do enough to matter since swarm relies on the suprise factor so heavily. being able to cash in your swarm, no matter how meager is vital.

creep, dying wish, myth, aggro, and memes all play very differently (except maybe myth and wish can play the same. maybe)


Here’s some budget cards which are really good for swarm: (rare or common)

Furor Chakram
Inkling Surge
Bloodtide Priestess

Glhf, I believe swarm is the best archetype to improve your positioning :slight_smile:


He really shouldnt since he has Plasma storm, Homeostatic rebuke and makantor warbeast available


welcome to the abyss …

punish spell is a must have cards
before mythron we got sphere of darkness but atm … 3x demonic conversion will do good things

dark sacrifice is needed if you really want to play big creature fast …

but if you want to play abyssian with this mythron condition and play without the mythron trial and destiny … i respect your courage bro … play some originals

anyday if i know i;m playing against mytron trial generals i’m gladly auto conceded


Wow those are some really nice syngergy cards thanks my guy, also you spelt Furiosa wrong but I got it, do you have any more recommendations? I have plenty of spirit to spend on at least a couple of epics or so


Nevessary legendaries for swarm are Grimwar and DeathFire Crescendo. For epic you may play new Wraithcrown, I like it very much, and there is also a deck smwhere by @beelakor, who uses the crown to archieve true awesomeness.

Put grasp in place of the grimwar - and you’re prepared.


if you ever need to go on a budget, furor chakram and soulshatter pact makes a decent alternative for crescendo and wraithcrown.

this deck has been through several changes. but flying is a really nice archetype for otk stuff.


He didnt its the OG name



This is what ive come up with, had deathfire from orbs getting lucky but most everything else was crafted now ive got like 20 spirit lol
(I don’t know how to do the nice picture with the curve and stuff help i just hit the export button)


Also i wanna make a shadow creep deck after i finish the grimwars and stuff but thatll be awhile, and then i kinda enjoyed songhai but I dunno yet. Thanks to all of you who have responded and helped I’m always open for more tips/card recommendations because I downloaded this game again and already have like 11 hours on steam again with it help me