New player, looking for help with deck composition


I have been directed from the introduction subforum, so let’s start. As I don’t know if there is a more convenient way of showing my deck, I will just type out its components by the order they show up.

Argeon Highmane, Slo x2, Azurite Lion x3, Ephemeral Shroud x2, Sun Bloom x2, Sun Wisp x3, Tempest x2, Windblade Adept x3, Afterblaze x2, Divine Bond x2, Martyrdom x2, Saberspine Tiger x3, Silverguard Knight x3, Holy Immolation x2, Lysian Brawler x2, Primus Shieldmaster x2, Suntide Maiden x1, Ironcliffe Guardian x3.

I am well aware there are multiple approaches to each faction (which is basic game design, but you know, nonetheless, it is good to find it well implemented), and Lyonar is not different. From the basic I can see, myself a beginner player, they can either really play on the “get stronger with healing” aspect to snowball, or use their quite strong units with plenty of provoke to build up a nice pool of units out of which you can draw a sudden threat by the use of Divine Bond and Afterblaze (those two, used together, grant at least an extra 6/4 to any body on the table, and the more health, the better). As I am used to Argeon (didn’t play for long, have in mind) with his bloodborne to increase the attack of any nearby unit (therefore contributing to the sudden threat aspect threat aspect), I chose the later.

The problem as of late is that I am having to deal with quite the number of removals. First off we have outright hard removals, in which the unit is completely destroyed. After that, we have soft removals, in which the unit is either unable to participate on the combat because it was thrown at the other side of the table, turned into a weaker unit, or rendered permanently immobile. And then, of course, to my injury, lots and lost of dispels which make it extremely unwise to buff an unit before I am capable of making actual use of it.

Regardless, what do you guys think about the composition? Anything I could improve? Thanks in advance.


The only cards I would definitely remove are Lysian Brawler and Suntide Maiden. Neither are particularly good. I would suggest Arclyte or Dioltas, but you might not have those as a beginner. Arclyte is a solid buff to your general that can deal massive amounts of damage if it doesn’t break, and Dioltas’ Tombstone is great with Divine Bond and Roar. If you can’t use either of those, my instinct is Primus Fist, synergizes well with Azurite, gives a bit of extra out of hand burst, and can enable some good upward trades.

Also, a deckbuilder website:


Suntide Maiden is a magnet for removals and dispels (although a hefty expensive one at that), so that’s mostly the reason I kept her (as I don’t recall ever facing anyone so incompetent that the zeal effect might actually be useful). And if I manage to keep a Lysian Brawler alive and with a direct route to the opponent, and have the buffs in hand, I can pretty much win the game, although I have been having a mighty hard time flooding the table. I will consider your suggestions though, thanks.


Hey, welcome to the forums, to Duelyst, and to the fairest faction of them all,

Three months ago I was in the same position as you are right now. Here’s the budget decklist that initially got me to Diamond. In general, your deck already looks pretty solid though.

The only obvious replacement to me would be to replace the two Brawlers and the Maiden with three Dancing Blades. And despite me running Martyrdom in my initial list as well, ditch it and get used to playing without it. Eventually you’ll start facing tougher opponents/decks which don’t allow you to give out free life at all, our you’ll quickly put the game out of reach. Instead of the two Martyrdom I would add a third Shieldmaster and – as soon as you can – a third Holy Immolation. Other than that, deck looks good!

Enjoy your rise through the ranks (:


Thanks for the tips. I have been considering dumping the Shrouds for a third sun bloom (I find it way more useful to have an area dispel I can cast everywhere than to have a 1/1 body that can cast it just immediately around it on a single target), but I have been reluctant due to the possibility that the enemy might somehow mess with my spell casting capabilities (like, for example, increasing the cost or something). Regardless, I will take your advice. Thanks.

Ps: and yes, I am already starting to suffer with martyrdom. I will really consider another removal/damage spell in its place.


I also use Suntide Maiden in my deck as a dispel sponge so that Dioltas will always trigger her dying wish since it is better to have a dispelled 3/6 minion than a 5/3. And most of the time my opponent will use most of his resources or trade to get rid of Suntide. If she got ignored then I have 1 more minion as Divine bond target. She is a very sticky minion w/c is you need in a Lyonar deck.

You can replace Martyrdom with Repulsor Beast.


Repulsor beasts are a quite decent option to get rid of supped up minions or pain the ass provokers, at least until they walk all the way back to the combat, which may take a turn or two. I will strongly consider it in place of my Slos. I kinda remade the deck a little bit, I might post it later for evaluation. Thanks again guys.


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