New Player: Liked the Game but now quitting, final feedback


The problem may be here and could happen again, activities related to entertainment (like a game) aren’t supposed to provoke that.


They can if there is no sense of progression or achievement for long periods of time.
I can more relate to these feelings of rage in games like TF2 (I enjoy it immensely, and the community I have there, but I sometimes feel like flipping tables).
Regardless, I can, personally, see how such feelings would pop up in a game like

To tell you to simply calm down would be a hollow statement, so I’ll not insult you with that.
Still, only advice I can really give from experience is to try and tear yourself away from he game for a bit; the angry feelings usually never go away if you keep playing.

I should mention the advice I give is completely seperate to the game, so deck advice and what-not could and can still factor into your enjoyment. That ain’t my forte though. :sweat_smile:

Still, I hope you still enjoy the game, or at least leave it without feeling so angry. :blush:


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On Duelyst, none for now, on other games, shitload (mostly MMOs) :slight_smile:


Sorry to derail but;

You actually collect accounts? Why is that? I’m genuinely, immensely curios. :thinking:


Keep guessing, yeah, there is a real purpose behind that, beyond collectioning :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you want to be 50% of the population in duelyst?


You should probably seek out anger management courses.


It’s the meta state of the game revealed to me by the match that made me angry.

Of course I did. Clearly I lost, not because my deck’s strategy didn’t work or anything, but because I picked the wrong way to deal with my opponent’s stuff. Because my deck has no strategy.

EVERY GAME FEELS THAT WAY, EVEN IF I WIN IT. Like I keep saying, my deck doesn’t feel like it has something it’s trying to do, other than not screw up in the beginning, wait for my opponent to run out of stuff, and beat them in the face. Like, no other game, card game or otherwise, feels like that except maybe videos of bullet hell games that I’ve watched. Or Dark Souls, but with that one, you do nothing so you can learn an enemy’s movement patterns, so you know when it’s safe to hit them. That’s a different thing entirely.

Winning a game just feels like “Well, my opponent is the one in my shoes, who ran out of answers at a bad time. Sucks for them, time to bludgen them in the face and get my win gold.”

Meh, that’s regular. My pinky still hurts from how hard I slammed my desk after getting mana flooded for the “last” time in Eternal before i gave that one up.

You’re right. But clearly the reason I don’t like the game is because I’m not “good enough” at it. Which means if I quit playing, I’ll hardly get better. Catch 22 there.

Not going to happen I’m afraid. I was really hoping I’d like the game, and I do, in concept. Leaving it turns my stomach in knots and I can’t stop thinking about it. I dreamed about the damn thing last night. How cruel is that?

Sure. My ticket got canceled because apparently I didn’t go to the RIGHT site and fill out the RIGHT form and verify my identity the RIGHT way, (FFS, deleting my account feels exactly like trying to play the bloody game!) so they closed my ticket and gave me new instructions. I don’t know how to transfer or if it’s even allowed (usually penalized in other F2P games I’ve played), but yeah someone can send me a message later and tell me what to do.


In the meanwhile, I was able to go from rank 18 to rank 11 with 75% of winrate (18 wins, 6 losses). I don’t think it’s something to brag about, but it’s just to clarify that skill matters much more than luck in this game.

And I stress that I’m not among the best players around and that all my decks have been assembled by me. They are good decks, but not the top tier decks from Bagoum. I believe better players than me can go Diamond as I go to Gold.

To the OP: I’m not sure you like card games. They all have a luck component and a reasonably high skill cap to reach the top. They require lot of time and patience to improve, but they are very rewarding if you stick to them. I hope you will stay around here, but in case you don’t best of luck with the next game.


I like EDH (MtG)

I like Eternal sans mana flood / screw

I like(d) Shadowverse before they started invalidating core class mechanics and making every deck feel like an aggro deck that must be played on curve.

My problem isn’t card games (and I’m sure of that, because I’ve been specifically asking myself this question over the last few days). The issue is card games that make you feel like you’re building something interesting, vs card games that just feel like an empty, wrote, dance.

And what precisely is my reward? To stress this another way, in what way would I be rewarded for “mastering” this game, that someone couldn’t just program a bot to do for me overnight? Because I can answer that question in any card game that I currently like / play.

In EDH, the reward is learning mechanics / synergies to build functional decks that represent interesting RPG archetypes. The better you get at the mechanics, the more interesting decks you can build and pilot.

In Eternal, similar idea but the emphasis on ranked play as opposed to multiplayer political play means viability only happens to a point. But the faction / mechanic system still allows for a large variety of possible design space, that will only improve as the card pool does.

Shadowverse is probably the worst of the three, given that it is the most like Hearthstone out of the three. They need to go back to their roots and make stuff that has good synergy with class abilities again.


Ok, the problem is not with Duelyst I guess, it’s your relation to success/failure :wink:


In that case, it was frustration at having my time literally wasted (even in the context of games being time wasters). I tallied 40% of my games that day as losses due to flood / screw, which added up to HOURS of conceded matches purely on that basis. Yeah I was pissed.


Yeah, maybe it’s a good thing to stop until you’ve worked on that.


I guess the reward is that a bot cannot play as good as me. I have a PhD in computer science and I don’t know where I would start to write an AI which works in Duelyst. A proof of this challenge is that the developers do not know how to start, because the AI in boss battles sucks. No offense meant, it is objectively horribly hard to code these things, much harder than, say, in HS or Shadowverse and I see why.

No, playing on curve is not a working strategy in Duelyst. It surely is a strong strategy, but if you don’t care about positioning and resource usage you are not going to succeed. There is no pirate warrior here…


Don’t blame your deck for the things you’re doing wrong. The Lyonar deck you’re running is a standard midrange deck. Decks like these want to play their minion defensively and to have the general tank some damage. From here you want your minions to value trade with your opponents minions and “trade up” whenever possible. Argeon is particularly good for this archetype since Lyonar minions are well stated and Argeons BBS makes for effective trades.

I’m all for net decking as long as the source also teaches you how to play the list. Otherwise you’re often in a worse positions than building a bad deck from scratch.

I watched the replay analysis Boronian posted. You made simple positioning mistakes for three consecutive turns starting from your first turn. You cannot blame game mechanics or the meta for that loss. If every game plays out like that than you only have yourself to blame.

As a lover of card games and Dark Souls both I can tell you with confidence that the feeling that certain results are outside of your control are shared between the two. I can also say with confidence that any mistake you make in these games are entirely your fault.

Vordt has a predictable three lunge attack at half HP that you can punish. You don’t use lock on in the Onstein and Smough fight. If Smelter Demon is destroying you then you stack fire resistance. You can’t parry Old Ironclads, pull enemy mobs, when you can, and if you’re going through a new for the first time keep your shield up.

Those are things you learn over time. No one is expected to know any of those things the first time through. But if you keep dying to the same things you only have yourself to blame.

The same is true in Duelyst. You can minimize Holy Immolation by positioning things diagonally. You assume every Magmar player has a Makantor at six mana. Avoid Dancing Blades by playing 3 health minion directly behind your general. Don’t play minions in a position so that your opponent could take it out with stuff on board. Assume Songhai has burn equal to three times the number of cards in hand.

These are also thing you learn over time. Nobody expects a new player to know this. Especially someone who hasn’t reached Gold Rank before. That same thing that’s true about Dark Souls is true here. If you keep losing to the same things over and over than it’s your fault for not adapting to it.

You can’t get better at anything if you don’t accept responsibility for your mistakes. If you think you would enjoy Duelyst and would like to try and get better at the game than the majority of the Duelyst community would be willing to help. You can send me a friend request (IGN: WhaleWhisker or RhinoRocket) if would like someone to play practice games against. I’m also willing to help with deck construction or to offer my opinions on a replay if you would like to hear them. There are many other in these forums or in the game that would be willing to help. I also enjoy playing EDH and Eternal in the event you want another’s opinion there.

Regardless, I am glad to see that you let someone analyze one of your games as it shows willing to make improvements and have taken the first steps to do so. I hope you continue to play Duelyst as it is a wonderful game.


Uh, I am. By playing games that don’t waste my time.[quote=“whalewhiskers, post:100, topic:11083”]
Don’t blame your deck for the things you’re doing wrong.

Missing my point. I’m not talking about my wins / losses. I’m talking about my goals as a player. In EDH, I’m trying to build "something’. A combo, a set of minions with buff effects, a recurable control engine to lock down a table. There is some A->B path my deck is trying to get to, that I can plan for and count on. It doesn’t feel that way in this game, given the deck I’m running. Everything is just “perfectly counter your opponents stuff, wait for your opponent to run out of stuff, beat them in the face until dead.” It’s empty. There are a million other games I could play if “proper mechanic execution” was all I cared about. Hell I’d go raid in an MMO or something.

It never seems possible. All my enemy’s minions have rebirth / growth / minion swarms / obelisks which spawn free minions / ranged strategies Trading never seems to be the point of this deck. Dispells, removals, good timing of alchemist to pop eggs or finish minions I need dead now, seems like the point of this deck. The minions never seem to be the point. I just put them down and hope they don’t die. The support cards seem like everything in this game.

Never said I did.

LIke what? The only thing I ever got called on was “bad positioning” or “incorrectly dealing with a threat” which proves, rather than hinders, my point. The point of this game isn’t what you build, it’s how you follow mechanics. Like a fighting game, not a card game. This whole thing is basically a turn based fighting game.

Yes, and when I want to play Dark Souls, I’ll play Dark Souls (which is basically never). When I want to play a card game, I’ll play a card game. That’s the gist of my point.

But it IS expected that they know this. Because before they can even try a cool deck / concept which is 100% of the reason I play CCG’s, they need to not get completely crapped on before their deck works. It’s like requiring someone to perfectly execute a Dark Souls boss fight before they can even sit at a table to play some EDH.

LIke I asked the last person, what will “getting better” get me exactly? A higher win rate? A cool “rank” badge? I don’t play CCG’s for any of these things. If you enjoy EDH, you should understand my point here. No one plays EDH (unless they’re playing budget legacy / vintage, in which case they can play at a different table) who really cares about those things.

LIke I said, you’re all nice people. Never doubted that. What I’m questioning is what’s in it for me when I reach the deep end of the game? For EDH, it’s a database of tools which help me construct tons of interesting decks. For this game, it feels like better muscle memory as far as where to put my stuff, what to mulligan, what / how to kill threats, and a tiny tiny card pool that works with bleeding edge mana efficiency. Don’t you see how utterly empty that sounds? How am I not communicating this properly?

Why? Why is Duelyst a wonderful game? That’s what I’m trying to understand.

Right, the execution of mechanics is itself the reward? I guess we play CCG’s for entirely different reasons. There are genres of games I play if I want that (still trying to get better at Expert Wait and Bleed on Rock Band, for example) and then there’s what draws me to cardgames (randomized RPG-like games where me and opponents build systems / synergies and smash them into each other).


It’s fun?
I don’t know how exactly how to describe it, but when I play duelyst, I like playing correctly and getting rewarded for doing so, I like being able to execute my deck’s win con due to making smart plays and so on and so forth.
The first time I got to gold, it felt pretty good, it felt like I had finally made a deck that works and had a basic understanding of the meta and mechanics, and how to play my deck.
And then I got to diamond and once again felt like I really knew how to play the game and had a good understanding of it.
Then I started to explore other factions other than the one I started with (songhai) and got to some pretty cool stuff, wanted to try swarm because deathfire cresendo sounds super fun and satisfying (it pretty much was), and stuff like that, currently I’m looking at lyonar, (playing tempo so I can understand how the faction works), I want to then play a ton of more interesting stuff to me, like vale ascension with ironcliffes and alabaster titan. There are cards that can have hilarious outcomes like spriggin, and other meme cards like that.
So long story short, I like playing duelyst because it rewards skill and it has a ton of cards and decks that interest me.
I’m telling you all of this so you know what a duelyst player, like me, might want and get from the game.