New Player: Liked the Game but now quitting, final feedback


As a lastly bit of advice,
Try… Trying this deck (ba dum tsss)

(It can reach gold and it’s based on easily craftable cards/cards you already have)

Have fun whatever game you decide to do next :smile:

Edit: the deck is based on afterblaze-divine bond combo to burst. (End edit)

(And stop lamenting ranged is op, o mai god m8 ur tu bed gid gut !1!1!1!1!)


Did you really just say that? :grinning::smile::laughing::rofl::joy:
That is the one mana 1/3 guy. Definitely answer or die threat :roll_eyes:.

Maybe you meant Komodo Hunter.


i think it’s sad how every expensive minion has to be essentially instant value for it to not be worthless, just take a look at all high-end legendaries, they’re either instant value (or semi-instant, in the case of things like dying wishes and damage triggers), bad, or will basically win you the game if they survive a turn (like exelcious). I think it would be much more fun if you actually get to play with your big guys a bit when they hit the board, but you’d probably have to remake the entire game for it to work that way (except for very specific designs).


I would love different game modes; like one giving generals 50 health or something. More health would allow more cards to be used, though there are certainly still problems that would arise otherwise. I’d have think about it longer.


Another cool gamemode would be to make the Generals immune until a certain time period ( × turns later) so that they have time to utalize their “game plan” without having to worry about health.


So arcanyst cass and keeper vaath will rule with an iron fist?


Not necessarily. Obliterate exist right?


O! I JUST CAME UP WITH SOMETHING COOL! Ok ok hear me out. What if… both players could play at the same time!!! To be more specific, at the same turn both players can take any action they could normally. Actually that’s stupid and it belongs in a different thread. BUT IM STILL GONNA POST IT!


Ok mods, lock this thread, it has gone off topic. Kappa.


I think a mode where generals are immune to burn spells and buffed minions could be cool.


That is almost like every minion (basic through to legendary). But then again its the same with all card games I’ve played. If the card doesn’t have an effect you can use on the turn you play it, then its usually too slow to ever play, or requires a deck/combo around it or be considered in some form “OP” (like having more stats then it should).


Exactly this. This is what I mean when I say I feel the grid/tactics nature of the game is under utilized. It’s not that the nice plays can’t be made via the grid system, but when i think grid, I think squads / armies, using tactics such as surrounding, blocking, etc. But as you mention, so many of the cards get answered so quickly, often because they have to, that I feel like very often it’s just me and my 1 / 2 things on board vs my opponent and their 1 / 2 things on board.

On another note, I have noticed that in this game that there’s an expectation that cards to have some sort of an impact the turn they are summoned due to the removal provided. In most CCG’s I’ve played, most units that have an impact when played are usually punished pretty heavily in stats or come with some other drawback, so the choice is a body with staying power, or a body that does something and quickly dies.

The fact that nothing stays living for long in this game, kind of nullifies the tradeoff in that capacity, which is another way of getting at my initial point in what I find troubling with the game.

I don’t know how much that health would work. When you’ve been bludgeoned to death by a bunch of 4/4 walls because you didn’t draw into your mass clear / dispell quick enough to deal with them, you see how quickly health drops. The core issue is how absurdly quickly that damage scales in this game, given relatively short and reliable combo assembly. It’s why I likened it to “Legacy MtG” in my OP.

That might be interesting!

Anyway, I appreciate the replies. After thinking it over, I’ve decided to give the game another shot. I had some fun games last night where neither me nor my opponent were drawing answers, which made for some awkward but fun board states. Then I played this morning and got destroyed by walls (I hate those damn walls!). Anyway, point is that this community surprisingly nice and it got me thinking that maybe doing nothing but playing against faceless randoms all the time is part of what’s getting me cynical.

So if anyone wants to add me, I’d appreciate it. Thanks again.


Thanks for the deck suggestion. I only have 50 spirit after crafting my second holy immolation, so it will take me a bit to finish it, but I love all the extra answers this deck has over the one I’ve been using. Should make for less “boom / bust” games like I’ve been dealing with currently. If I happen to catch you again, I’ll let you know how it works out!


Good job, guys! A player saved is a player earned. =S


See you around!

Feel free to add me in game
Ign: edward4244

If you have doubts or questions on the deck i’m here :slight_smile:


Yay! Same here~
IGN: youngsqueezy

Keep in mind I litereally just got into the game last week so I had to be very creative with my decks :wink:


I wanted to bring this print screen here, because I feel like it perfectly illustrates the topic of this thread. This was the board I was dealt with on my SECOND turn as P1. To note, I won the game by concession in the end, but again, illustrating the topic here. Legitimately, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.

My main thought was that the opponent had Deathfire Crescendo (Deathwatch +2/+2 for a minion). Other possibilities were Soulshatter Pact (the card they used), Wraithling Fury, Shadowwatcher (less effective), Soul Grimwar (which was a card they had), plus other nonfaction cards.

This is a situation where all I’ve gotten a chance to do is play 2 mana worth of cards. My opponent put out 5, and again, I really don’t know what the proper play would be to do here. I replaced and didn’t have an answer for the current situation, and pose a huge risk of damage by going forward against some card that I don’t have any certainty of them having.

I feel that a notion is overlooked in your takeaway @kingw. While many of us have learned about what’s a threat and what isn’t, the cards that are typically played are cards that often have immediate value in some form. With so many potential threats, it is impossible to play against these potential threats that you don’t know if they even have. As expansions come and the collection grows, so do the number of potential cards you have to worry about.

Regardless of how much you know, you can only get so far with a deck so good (even if it’s built by an S-rank player, yes S-rank players move up with new accounts pretty easy, but they are constantly upgrading their decks at a rapid pace, because as I just said, in the long run a low budget deck simply isn’t going to be good enough to hold it’s own against higher decks.) Also regardless of how much you learn, you can’t always know what threat is coming.

I think Vanar also illustrates this perfectly: Avalanche, Infiltrate and Glacial Fissure. When there are specific cards, but one for literally any position, how can you play around that?

I have other issues about learning being the end-all be-all answer and reply to it all because it diminishes the OP’s point that I still find very much valid. Learning will carry you, but you simply can’t do it on experience alone. You will need the cards to be able to carry out that experience and knowledge, and that’s something new players just don’t have the same access to (the whole crux of CCGs).


So many different cards to play around, and yet the way to play around them is exactly the same. Move back to your starting postion, play tiger next to you out of his attack range. Next turn, between tiger and your general you can kill 2 of his minions and play a shield master to block of the others and/or play Healing mystic + Lure to heal yourself/block off a wraithling and remove another wraithling. It’s obviously very unfortunate that you didn’t have a turn 1 drop while he had a god start but depending on how the rest of his hand looks he can’t even capitalize on that.

Regarding Vanar, yes all these 3 cards exist but you have to consider the chance of your opponent having them in his deck and hand. Also the potential damage they can do to your gameplan. You will usually be better of being in your opponents half rather than your own. Even if your opponent has all 3. You will have it easier dealing with the 1 or 2 avalanches he might have than with a flood of buffed up infiltrate minions.

Last point, there are very solid budget cards for pretty much any role you might want to fill and for most factions, their key cards are epics at most. The difference in power between a high end Lyonar list and a budget one isn’t that big. I’d say you won’t even notice it before diamond.


Hsuku demonstrates every month how to get to S-rank with a new account and a different general without any money. Sometimes he even used an only common list. He has done From Zero to Hero with 10 of 12 generals. Yesterday with the new account (Vaath) he climbed to Rank 15 with a basic only list till the first defeat which was very close.

As a rule he only changes his deck after a defeat or sometimes after several defeats in a row. He also doesn’t disenchant everything because he wants to simulate a new player who wants to play all factions so he keeps the good stuff.

What does that tell us?

  1. Hsuku is one of the best players.
  2. He knows how to build a deck (but all budget decks you can find online look very similar to each other because the budget forces them to).
  3. The game is very much skill dependent and not so much card dependent. Of course better decks help but they are not a necessity.

Due to its nature Duelyst can be very fast paced and an abundance of answers make a lot of high mana minions worse than they are on paper. But you also can play slow Control decks and have good success with that (though they are more expensive to craft). And even though the game is fast paced there is a lot of stuff to consider with the board. If you position badly you will lose. That is a central truth to the game. And that is the reason I love this game.

Fast games have a lot of advantages, it makes the grinding way easier as an example if the games only take 15 instead of 30 minutes. It is a big difference if I have to play 1 hour for my daily faction quest or 2 hours. Not to speak about the big daily quest. And you can play it in shorter bursts which is more important with the hopefully this year coming mobile version.


Last point first :slight_smile:

While your point is true, it doesn’t make mine any less true either. Developing budget decks with intention of keeping most factions potentially playable in the future still requires a fair amount of time to even try to race up to opponents who’ve been playing longer. Additionally, by using spirit towards rares/epics, they slow down their pace towards actually making the stronger decks that utilize legendaries, as it is less efficient to spend spirit on rares/epics.

Main Discussion Point

This is what I was also touching on. When you start playing into cards that they might not even have simply due to the existence of cards, at what point does strategizing merely becoming playing a game of chance?

All CCG’s have chance, but you’d hope to be able to deduct things based upon their deck/faction and the cards they have previously played. The amount of information I’ve been given is limited. They may have bloodmoon priestess, in which case keeping them alive is a mistake so I should kill them. But they may also be an aggro deck, in which case killing them is a mistake, where I should be preparing myself. This same point can be made back to Vanar cards. When you lack information, the decision is a coin toss, and where is the strategy in that?



I myself have also been doing a basic only deck (Abyssian) and got to Rank 17, but I’m hitting against tougher decks, so have swapped out my bloodtear alchemists for Sphere of Darkness at the moment, and added Dancing Blades.

All this only reaffirms my point though.