New player impression


edit: sorry for anyone who opens this thread hoping for sth interesting only to find my petty rambling. A more relevant impression: Fun game with lots of decisions and beautiful and efficient interface (crashed a few times tho, but never in-match and may be my crummy computer’s fault).

I had some issues with purchasing stuff (resolved it on my own in the meantime), googled for it, first relevant hit was this: Problem with the special offer. Deliberately bumped it to point out that this is the first impression new players get and you probably would not want it.
I got a quick reply, which is very good, but merely to lock the thread and not address anything in my post. You could not answer the guy in 4 months, but you lock my bump asking for encouragement to spend money within 10 minutes? That is really not the confidence boost I was looking for.
Don`t get me wrong, I’m not here to troll, just looking for a good game (which Duelyst apparently is) that’s going to stay (and those kind of impressions matter imo).


o__O Ryv behaved professionally. He was merely letting you know that the thread needed to be locked because it’s ancient. He sent you to the proper channels, and fairly kindly let you know why he had to lock up the thread. Not really sure how that’s a bad first impression. Forum Admin does his duties, what is the issue here?


Hi again Dzug. In that thread I linked them to support immediately, there wasn’t anything further to follow up with however. At the time the support widget was acting up and theirs nothing we could do, they simply needed to try it again at a later point.
Similarly, with your issue, the quickest way to receive help is to contact our support as I pointed out.
I’m sorry if that came off as a bad impression of the game, but necro’d threads are immediately locked once it happens by myself or any of the moderators we have here.

I’d be happy to answer any other questions or concerns you might have in this thread though.


The issue is certainly not that I want to flame a mod for his duties, but that I was asking the community for reassurance concerning support quality in a thread that was locked before anyone could reply, so I had to make a new one, this one. If it is policy to lock all threads older than a certain date that is fine, and he certainly wasn’t unkind, but I did not feel my general question was addressed.
Paralykeet, thanks for your answer, in regard to my question, I take it as a “yes, support is very reliable here in general”.
Ryvirath, thank you as well, everything cool.


Now that you have expressed that the issue is resolved it might happen that a mod comes in here and closes the thread. Again this will be due to general tidiness and no ill intent. :wink:


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