New player here, [help}


I’m new f2p player, and i’ve been trying to get gold from season leader. but i got too many loses, and hard to get gold from every 3 wins. mydeck that im familiar is lyonar, and still not used to with the other decks. that i want to ask are

  1. what should i do with my gold, gauntlet or orb (spirit/shim’za/bloodborn)?
  2. i got some legendaries and other but i dont feel like to use them, should i disenchant them? (2 ladylocke, 1 alterrexx) legedary
  3. i want to craft some good cards, like grove lion, sunsteel defender, lasting judgement, sun bloom, ironcliffe heart, circle of life. can u suggest what cards (any faction) that i should focus to get first? (i hate too many losing again), so i wont be too disappointed after disenchant some of my cards.
    please help… (i’m stuck at silver ± 17-19)


Hello! You can feel free to DE Alter Rex, not even dedicated MECH decks run it. Lady Locke is only used in fringe decks, specially Vanar and Abyssian ones, so you can DE her if you wish.

On how to expend your gold, focus first on core set, as Shim’zar has more zany or impractical cards and lower legendary drop rate, while bloodborn cards can’t be crafyed or DEd. Afyer you have a solid core collection go Bloodborn and use spirit to make Shimzar cards you need.

Before crafting, check up to date budget decklists. Other than that, you should prioritize for lyonar:

-Ironcliffe Guardian (not Heart however)
-Sun Bloom
-Lasting Judgement
-Azurite Lion
-HOLY IMMOLATION :fire: :fire: :fire:

And on neutrals:

-Azure Herald if you like control decks
-Dancing Blades
-Sunsteel Defender
-Flameblood Warlock (not so much for Lyonar, but it is good for aggro decks in general)
-Some other core set rare card to get Sworn Sister L’kain as a bonus. Owlbeast Sage is solid in slower lyonar decks.

If you have spare spirit, Dioltas is one of the best midgame neutral minions BTW. Its competitors, Funsteel and Shieldmaster are much cheaper however.


If you’re comfortable winning gauntlet, I’d go for it. Otherwise, I’d go for the regular orbs. Given the fact that you like playing lyonar, you could try playing zoo lyonar, as lady locke could be good for a variation.
In terms of what cards to make, I’d say the strongest faction card is most likely holy immolation. I also really like dancing blades, because it has a nice effect that helps control the board. Ironcliffe guardian is much better than ironcliffe heart in most cases. Personally, I prefer arclyte sentinel over lasting judgement, but that might just be personal. Also, trinity oath is generally preferred to circle of life. You also have arclyte regalia, but it is legendary, so you may wish to hold off on that one.


As a silver who was at 16 and slowly climbing, 1 rank a month or so (13 at the moment).

  1. Personally, don’t do gauntlet until you start to really learn what factions and certain cards are capable of, learning what are good value cards and not, etc.

Go with spirit orbs first, when you have some flexibility with your cards, can start doing the others.

  1. Just because you don’t feel like them yet doesn’t necessarily mean you should disenchant them. Some you don’t have use for at the moment, but when you look to wanting to try making new and unique decks, you can end up missing out what you gave up. Specifically, I’ve only ever disenchanted prismatic cards as you essentially get 100% value of the card. This is my take.

(There are disenchanting guides apparently, so you could look to use those for guidance too.)

  1. Asking for staples.
    Lyonar: Holy Immolation
    Songhai: Mist Dragon Seal (Songhai player here, this I can confirm very worth it.)

Other people will follow up with their input. Don’t get grove lion. Holy Immolation > Circle of Life if you have the spirit. Ironcliffe heart < Can get more value out of just buying the ironcliffes.

When you’re cheap with spirit, you try to make the most of it (myself as example haha).


eternamemoria did a good job answering your questions, so +1 to everything they said.

i really recommend checking out the budget lists on the duelyst subreddit sidebar and also the ones on bagoum.

Try to make your decks consistent. as many three of’s as possible. and as little one of’s as possible.

These are totally generalized guidelines that are appropriately broken at times but i like to shoot for at least 12 2 drops, 5 or less 2 of’s and 2 or less one of’s.

with all that in mind and the budget lists weve directed you to, id say the only other thing youd require is practice(time + passion).


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