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And compete for what exactly…

There is barely any tournament support. People compete for dat $$
And no, there is barely any money in competitive Duelyst

And without any game updates, it makes for a stale meta. Though to be fair, can be mitigated by some degree by introducing card bans and various rules. Still, only so much can be done before people get bored of the same routine the way you’ve been burnt out by trying out all your various decks. Without a balance patch, it’s going to continue this entropy, and it won’t be much longer before the tournament scene dissipates

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Thing is, tournies are much more fun then ladder play, now we have barely any tournies.


Yeah some top competitive players left, also most of whom aren’t really that active and complaining about the game’s competitive development a long time before 2018. Some didn’t play at all for a long time and others do sparsely and casually. Not one who still plays regularly. Doesn’t seem like the most balanced source to me (Discord is great but also has its own problems creating bubbles).

Well I don’t agree with that, it is not exactly the same. That’s what I mean.
You could have said something like “Just the regular amount, it seems like more due a lot of competitive players leaving the game because there is no new content since May 2018.”

That’s what you are practically saying gathering from your replies (and which is absolutely correct though most of your names left or went kinda inactive / casual even before last expansion), but your sentence and mine cause a very different reaction with the reader.

I’m sorry for your CPG stocks :frowning:

True though we start another Matcherino for the next MDL season soon (using your comment to make an announcement here). But some hundreds of dollars are peanuts of course compared to other games. And that’s what you rightly call “barely”.

Well we don’t have the weekly small tournaments anymore we had 2 years ago where always only 5-6 players played. Not enough top competitive players participating in these to keep them really alive.
But what we have is seasons of Team Wars and Meltdown League. Now after latest TW there is another season of MDL and this time with a ban list. Very curious with what Rhacker93 is coming up.
Not being in the competitive discord makes you maybe less aware of these though.

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