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They are leaving in drones?


who are leaving in droves???


Pox is where I started as well! Actually came here due to a recommendation on their forums right when duelyst came out and I never went back.

Now don’t let me discourage you, duelyst is awesome and I still highly recommend it, and we have a great community. Sadly we have had no dev support for over a year now which is rough.

If you tire of the unfortunate meta we were left with or the lack of support, I do have two other recommendations that can scratch the hard to find itch of this genere. Faeria is great, is very similar, and is much more active with a big cash tournament scene. And for mobile, while its a pretty inferior game its the closest I have found, Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena. (Be warned while it is also on steam your mobile and steam account can not be connected.)


Also a faeria player, would recomend that as well


I started Faeria back when you could buy the whole card collection. I haven’t been able to keep up with it after that because the matches take a little too long for the time I have available. It is a really fun and surprising deep experience, though. I have recommended it to a few people.


Most players and most top players, even I only chill out on the forums.


You could also claim “most” top players are not visiting the forums at all.

Most is such a useless word in that regard.


This is not reffering to forums, I am refering to the game. I interact with top players through inner circles on discord.


Yeah, I am also moving in secret “inner circles” on Discord :stuck_out_tongue: shrug


I also was in the Bagoum Duelyst for sometime.

I forgot that I’m also in Maelwarn’s server.


I thought it’s impossible, but boronian is actually trolling epicflygon!

The end is nigh…


I don’t think you get the point I try to make.
You state things as facts and try to support them with meaningless words. What is “most”, what are “drones”? Means nothing because you don’t know any more numbers than I or anybody else does.
Did veterans leave the game or take a break? Yeah for sure, they do and did that all the time. They also come back, saw Smash playing again (just to name one). We also get new players, who knows how it all balances out.

I am also not interested in any contest about “inner circle” Discord servers. But I wonder what I should take away from you posting a picture of a discord with “salty” in its name and you mentioning discords of people who aren’t active for 1,5 years and more? You yourself haven’t played for 7 months. Why aren’t you in the Meltdown discord which is one of the two biggest / most important Duelyst discords right now?


Welcome to duelyst! I cant wait to hear about the new things you find out from this old dog of a game.

If you have any questions or want advice about any faction, just ask! Im sure I have some old tourney decklists sitting around somewhere!

(On another note, Boronian is roasting someone? We are doomed)




I stopped paying attention to the game myself and everything I get comes from Kolos’s chat (Salty Spitoon) I saw many of the players slowly move to different games and through the ones that still play I hear that a lot of the top players are slowly leaving.

“Leaving in droves” is just a term for a lot of people leaving.


That explains a lot.

Also: Welcome, Ghostserver!


Execept that Kolos’s chat is filled with many top players through out this game’s history, namely KolosTheDragon, Solafid, 01, NoWayIt’sJ, MaSer Duelyst, Matex, 678u3, Ferocca, tm87 and plenty of other people that I’m too tired to name as it is midnight.



Gee whiz, that’s a lot of names of SaLTy top playerz… - whom of which all have an interest in an active competitive Duelyst

It’s obvious that a lack of actual game updates and support would drive high end tournament players to leave a game, but to suggest that the current situation of having significantly more (droves of) players leaving the game than it is currently receiving on a monthly basis in recent times is an unfounded statement without any actual data. Might as well enjoy this slow entropy as some good things end in, the solar system for instance :wink:

PS: I would personally not have disclosed a clear bias if I were solely relying on one source of which is of itself very biased - but hey I didn’t open that shaker of salt


Most of us still love the game, we left because we lost faith in this game having a future, there have always been a lowish amount of top players so when a few players leave it means that it is a majority. We just occasionally talk about who left as many of us still talk to people who play.


Well, I can’t understand that. Who needs future when we have present? It’s a game, not a business investment or smth. If it is fun NOW I play it and I don’t if it isn’t.

That said, it’s not as much fun for me now, cause it seems I’ve already tried every deck I like, checked every idea that looked fun for me. But I’m playing for how long? More than 3 years? New players would definitely have as much fun as I did.

And I don’t see how the lack of updates affects competitive players. They still can compete.