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I can’t believe I just came across this game. I had been looking for a replacer to PoxNora ever since it went KIA, I’m really enjoying everything about it from the artstyle to the game mechanics. much more enjoyable than PN ever was and I played that game for nearly 10 years. I really hope what you guys are saying isn’t true and that the game is dead it would be such a shame.

Well I’ll see you folks on the Battlefeild


Have never heard of this game, I’m confused as to how it is dead though (PoxNora). The reviews on steam are mostly positive talking about how deep the game is.

Duelyst is dead in that the devs have given up on it in terms of bugfixes, new content, etc. but the servers will run indefinitely is what they say. We also have a great but small community supporting the game through twitch streaming and community organized tournaments. The devs could go back on their word about the servers though, wouldn’t be a first.

In any case, try to enjoy the game and learn from your mistakes. If you need help there is the Duelyst wiki and this community. GLHF



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Welcome here :slight_smile:

We have a pretty active community on Reddit, Forums, Discord. You should check these places out :wink:

As a starter I recommend these guides: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/New_Player_Guides

You find everything you need there from free orbs to deckbuilding, positioning and budget decks.


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I am a mod over there, so what should I say? :smiley:

But I gave you orbs for your contents, doesn’t count that for anything?!



Hmm… he still can be useful to me… now’s not the proper time for a witch hunt…

You’re right, friend. It’s great that you’re keeping this community alive in another place!


Thanks, I really appreciate your nice words! :wink:


:roll_eyes: ^^^ you two…

Anyway, welcome to Duelyst and such!


the developers have all but abandon it, hasn’t gotten an update in over a year. I enjoyed it,but it’s learning curb was insane, or either I suck at strategy lol. It also can take up to 40 mins to get a match. so i’d consider that pretty much dead. it’s a shame because it was fun even though i’d get smashed 9/10 i still loved playing it, Duelyst on the other hand is a much more fast paced game with a straight forward play style I like it better since I’ve actually begun to win matches


Yes I would really like to see the game continue to be developed I know i’d throw money at it like crazy lol


What? I find the match loading times to be quicker than Hearthstone’s, usually.


I think he was talking about Pox Nora as he said it was dead there.


Yeah, I’m an old PoxNora player too, and loved Duelyst from the first moment I saw it as it does so much of what PN was meant to do, but faster. My immense collection of cards still sit, cold and useless, over on the PN servers. sniffle


It is good to have you here with us.

Duelyst has a wealth of options and layers beneath it. With people getting into ban lists and whatnot they will realize the levels of broken go waaaay down. Still much to enjoy here. There is a bit of a draw back of spending too much time here building relationships online than actually doing it irl though, so careful of that : P


Hello there welcome to the forums hopefully you have a fun time here before people start preaching about the end tumes to scare you away

Have you ever considered trying Spinecleaver? It’s a really fun card and I highly recommend it.
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Welcome to our humble establishment!
We hope you enjoy your stay.

Guys why are we getting many newcomers?


Just the regular amount, it seems like more due to players leaving in droves.