New Player Deck


Hey there Com,

I play Duelyst since 2 days and this is the deck I put together with my resurces.
Any Tips or Cards, that i have to get to round it up, or mechanics i oversee maybe.

I appreciate any answers to get more fun out of the deck and with Duelyst overall.

IG Name: Tonetaube


Click the cog then horizontal then upload to imgur then post the link, if you are using bagoum and other deck builders.


Try to stick to all 3 ofs to maximise consistency and try to get 3x sojourner for draw.


Gor doesn’t see much play without DFC, very costy minion that loses tempo and uncontrollable. I’d use Healing Mystic/Azure Herald for more sustain.


@epicflygon 3 ofs? Remember 2 days i don’t know the shortcuts.
@overcharge same thing DFC?

Overall i swapped a bit and Edit the Decklist and reuploaded it
Maybe the Gor swap to Sojourner?


DFC = Darkfire Sacrifice


Ummm @overcharge …
deathfire crescendo :yum:
@seraphicreaper Sniped!


Think you meant dfs, I think dfc is darkfire crescendo


Ah, I meant DarkFire saCrifice, you see?


3ofs refers to three copy’s of a card.


Reuploaded again gonna try this out with the changes. I don’t like to have the bigcards 3 times cause i have no drawluck i gonna replace one highcard and get annother happend often today.
Feel free to give me more Tips how to improve the deck


You only want 3 ofs, shadow watcher ad black solid are bad.

I will add more to this post soon.

Run 3 daemonic lure and 1 repulsor beast as a fourth lure.Run 3 sphere of darkness.Run 2/3 shadow reflection and 3 saverspine tigers.


:worried: don’t influence people to play a certain deck, see what they enjoy first and allow them to grow that way-desu.


It’s just trying to improve the deck list and not telling th what to play.

This is more of what I would run but it’s aggro not swarm.


Reflection is mostly a aggro deck, to say. Tiger seems pretty situational on swarm decks as abyssians have a lot of removals, though quite handy.


As it’s budget reflection is a more budget dfc and saverspine tiger gives it more worth.


Reuploaded again after thinkin abt your tips.
@epicflygon Thats not what i wanna play but still looks funny =D

My Problem is i don’t have Nocturne or DFC both maybe would be good in th deck.


You have furosa… did you buy the RotBB expansion or just opened some 300gl orbs?
Cause you seem to be missing some big ticket items like Variax and Cryptographer…


Think we can close this I got some help but ty for the quick responses.


I’d toss furiosa until you get crypto, and I’d toss black solus in general. Toss dark transformation . Add more two drops like zyx or bloodtear or cryptographer if you get him. I haven’t played with inkling surge but I don’t think it’s worth the slot. I wouldn’t run sphere of darkness either but I know somepeople do.