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New Patch out there?


Is there a new patch? Client is downloading. I did not found any patchnotes…?!?


Well, my client is not downloading. How long since you last logged in?
Or is it a steam version thing?


I am going to make a bold claim and say how there is no patch, and even if it was it’s probably just some back end stuff since there’s no notes.



I try to start Duelyst as ever but I come into an infinite loop: “Downloading latest version…”
I don’t expect there is a new update but Download starts, once it went to 4%, once to about 50%… and startet from beginning. Now it stucks at 1% and then seems to stop.
How can I foix my installation of Duelyst? The “clear download cache”-string isn’t clickable.

Edit: Again: Downloading to nearly 50% the - for a second or so - the message: “Attempting to download from Mirror…” then trying to download again… and so on.

Edit2: Download now to 100%. Then “Installing…”. Game starts. Version is 1.71.2 - this is the same version as yesterday, right?
Game seems to work now.


hey @locoblutaxt , you probably were downloading some of the hotfixes we had if you haven’t played in a bit.

Anyways, seems like you got it covered now.


I play every day. In the morning… in the evening… I’m kinda addicted! :joy:
Yeah - but I got it. That’s right. Can be closed.

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