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New November card #4


The mill starhorn hype is real boyz!!!1!!


Yes! I really liked Megrim when it came out for M:tG and was kinda hoping for something similar for Starhorn. This is great!


It’s boring and I’m not sure how good it is, but I like it. I like it a lot.


@phayze congrats


it wont be boring if you can just mill the opponent down xD


Why did DE my Vindicators when Starhorn becomes good…


Love it. I guess the theme of this month was anti-meta.


THis will be great for Starhorn AND versus Songhai. That and it looks amazeballs.


Underworld Dreams! Love this guy.

Overall, I think it’s a pretty good set this month. Ironclad is a little concerning, but I agree it won’t see much play. The other three are pretty good.


It’s time for a dinosaur uprising


One more health and it would be amazing but Aggro Starhorn has new tool which I guess is good


If the health becomes a problem you just run some fortitude. I don’t think this guy will be a standard turn 4 play anyway unless against Songhai. You’ll most likely play this later, behind a wall of minions.


So, a question on interactions as they are mostly weird to me…as for wording i assume that 1- it doesn’t trigger from effects that say “put a card in your hand” (xho, snow rippler etc) and 2- if you cryogenesis it you should take no damage cause you first to the dmg and then you draw? Am i correct?


I like it.
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@phayze Seems like Counterplay liked your idea too :smiley:


With cryogenises you’re probably right, with add effects however I’d say you’re wrong, because visionar says it buffs from draw but it still benefits from “put” cards such as the riddle from sphynx


@phayze it seems like an artifact was too restrictive for their tastes. they had to turn it into a neutral minion so everybody could get in on the fun.


thought the same lol … still, if it is the case, i like monthly design contests be put in the game


Just thought about it, if it sticks it serverly hinders Songhai and can dump out some damage. Unfortunatly Songhai has more than enough spells/combos to get rid of it. But a nice thought anyways.