New November card #3


yeah vet is going to love this one


This card is the definition of slow.


Seriously, how does this improve the game? I hope it’s part of a larger plan because all i see here is something that will greatly reduce deck diversity.

We already have all these cool deck ideas that basically nobody plays because they are ruined by dispel. So they add an AoE dispel-nuke that basically nullifies entire strategies for 4 mana?

I don’t get it.


a dispel weak to dispel, seems legit



This card looks really bad. In multiple ways.

Shit to play, shit to play against, slow as fuck, weak to it’s own text.


Has dispel gone too far


I doubt a slow 5 mana card with god awful stats which gives an enemy an entire turn or even two to deal with it is problematic enough to reduce any deck diversity. In situations where you get value from playing it you probably already lost the game.


Memetastic! I’ll run 3 of them!


Okay, but how many ways are there to deal with it that don’t involve its Dying Wish triggering? Magmar and Vanar are in decent shape, some other factions not so much. What’s Lyonar supposed to do with this, for example?

In general, dispel is one of the biggest problems with this game. So they put in a card that makes it even worse? Why?


I guess I’ll include this in my vet deck since they’re in the same tier now Kappa


Ironclad+PhoeFire=8 mana board dispel.

Ironclad+Sacrifice=3 mana board dispel.

Memes galore!


If it were all minions that would be one thing. Only enemy minions? Geez.


I feel the burn!!


Ooooh I’d play that in Gauntlet.


Hey, at least that’s free spirit !
But I just might play it in some meme deck full to the brim with dispels, mwahahahahahahahahahaha


Dispel is far from being one of the biggest problems. Why do you think people were so upset about Siphon nerf and why they were scratching their heads when they saw shroud was nerfed? It’s because they didn’t found them to be a problem but rather something necessary.

Anyway, a good effect implemented in a bad way doesn’t make the card that has it good.

Just compare the card to lightbender. Try to imagine how often the scenarios where ironclad outperforms lightbender happen? And with that have in mind how lightbender isn’t even played in the current meta.


If it had Provoke… Nahhhh probably still really bad…


Oh, so that’s why they nerfed dispels last patch :sleeping:

Feels bad to have my siphons thrown in the garbage because of this


At first I thought the effect was opening gambit and it might be worth playing at 5 mana but dying wish? I’d rather play the 4/3 golem


Because dispel is so important and powerful, which is exactly why we don’t need an AoE version of it?

Uh, plenty? Lightbender requires positioning. It is only “nearby”. It also affects your own minions.

This nukes everything. Ranged guy in the corner? Gone. Vetruvian has finally gotten 2 or 3 obelysks to stick? Garbage. Etc.

Sure, they have a turn to deal with it. If they can.