New (not really) midrange Faie


With so many new strong decks being out there, rather than building one myself I figured I’d instead build something boring that tries to have a good matchup against all of them. Something consistent that can play on curve but also keep removing threats. And from my experience, even though it’s not a huge sample size nor I have stats recorded, that seems to be the case. Here comes some brief explanations about some card choices:

Foxes - Pre-patch they weren’t all that great but with all the new threats they’re doing work. They also combo very well Dancing Blades.

Icy - Stun effect is amazing. If you’re in the lead it will prevent enemy general from running away making you easily go face in 2 consecutive turns and if you’re behind it can help you recover even if it’s not optimal. It also has a typical 2 drop stats so you can play it as is on turn 1. If starting on the right, it’s preferable to combo it with another 2 drop to prevent enemy minion from taking the mana tile.

Snow Rippler - It’s basically just a 3 mana 3/4 which can cycle with Cryo. In practice it’s effect rarely goes off but instead it forces enemy to make weird trades because for some reason they’re terrified of giving you that random pet.

Light Bender - Self-explanatory. With all the obelysks, creeps, eggs and what not, you really want to able to dispel multiple spaces at once so having at least 2 is a must.

Shieldmaster - Together with Kron this is the MVP of the deck. It’s just such a solid in almost every situation. Provoke has huge value and it has competitive stats as well.

L’kian - The deck sometimes tends to empty your hand and some instant draw is needed in order to keep up when that happens, especially in later portions of the game.

Kron - Just like Shieldmaster, this card is pure value but even better. Sure, sometimes it can be clunky to play. You will replace into it and not be able to replace again, or you will play against a faction that has lots of threats and you don’t want to replace your removal just for the token. But even considering that it’s just amazing.

Pandora - Helps you close out the game and can serve as a second form of inevitability together with your BBS. Honestly, I don’t have any other big legendaries to put in their slot but I probably wouldn’t want to do so anyway.

What I really like about the deck is how there is lots of flex spots. You don’t like Icy and want some more early game control, put maws instead. You feel heal isn’t something you need, put Crawlers instead to make dealing with Azaleas and Spinecleavers easier. Three Dancing blades is too much for you, then slam in Zen’rui instead. You face lots of Lyonar and Magmar zoo, then slam in a Frostburn or two. Whatever works for you. This specific instance of the deck is just how I prefer to run it at this time and is prone to change in the future.

Take everything what I’ve said with a grain of salt as I’m far from being an expert deck builder. After all, if I was a good deck builder I’d try to build an actual new deck rather than just alter the old existing one.

Anyway, feel free to ask any questions.

  1. Why not Kara instead of Faie?


I don’t like the way she looks. But more importantly, she doesn’t fit the deck all that well. Point of this deck is to have lots of removal, lots of good on curve minions and some form of inevitability which in this case also helps you trade.

I don’t see how I can optimize the deck for Kara so it’s better than what she usually runs.


I feel naked not running hailstones. I think it’s a great card. Dunno, since the nerf of SotW, Vanar seems weak to me. I want to use new cards, but dunno what to build. Why don’t you use Iceblade Dryad instead of Rippler?


Maybe because he doesn’t run any vespyrs in the deck? :smiley: Also, there are many things to tinker around with vanar. Some people like vespyr kara, others like combo faie with the 4 mana +5/+5 spell. Another combo to work with is arctic into dryad or huldra for example. Don’t be afraid to meme, my friend :stuck_out_tongue:


Hailstones don’t remove the threats as they will get back eventually (unless you’re running something akin to kara deck with hounds and jammers). I want my spells to be able to permanently deal with the threats. However, I do understand the idea behind the card and why people like it. It might be good in the deck but it’s not my cup of tea.


Yea, I can understand both sides of Hailstone. When the draw change went in I basically stopped running it since it was hard to get it consistently. But now with a better handle on my deck I think Hailstone is a great addition. Never underestimate the mind game. There is something so demoralizing when your huge minion that has provoke/frenzy/ranged/instant kill everything “I win button” next turn/etc is suddenly gone.

I just won a game a couple of minutes ago after a Cass player dropped this huge 13/13 juggernaut and retreated. I just hailstoned it and ran up to her, attacked and then surrounded her with minions, so even if she drops it again and it is 200/200 that does not deal with the minions I have placed. So I think in the right situation it can be huge, really in the very beginning of the game and the end. I sometimes hailstone things just because I know it will mess up them capturing mana orbs and then allow me to exploit their now non-ideal positioning.


Just a small update. I did lots of changes to the deck, most of which were recommended by @vanar and managed to hit S in 100 games or so (props to the final boss who’s shown me mercy). Ended up with this even though I’m still not entirely sold on the deck, specifically on the 2x dioltas and arguably the distribution of 2 drops.

There’s wasn’t much interest so I won’t go into the changes but if there’s some interest now since the deck has proven to not be utter garbage, I’m willing to answer the questions.

ok bye~


What would you replace Inquisitor Kron for, and would you still run Zen’Rui?


Unfortunately, raqyee is unable to respond due to his ongoing ban. He told me to post this link in his stead, It’s the current version of the deck he’s running;