New neutral unit spoiled: Meltdown


Counterplay: Get in the damn meta Starhorn!
Starhorn: I don’t want to :disappointed:
Counterplay: if you can’t do it, Sajj must do it!
Sajj: …

This will probably do pretty well against Lilith.

In all seriousness, while this may be a Evangelion reference, we all know that the best Evangelion reference is already in the game:

Crystal Wisp

One last thing: an organization associated with monoliths is trying to initiate, for the third time, an event that has both caused and erased life on the planet and came from a seed from space. Sound familiar?

Speculation on effect:
6 mana
Provoke, Forcefield. Your general can only use the angery, crying, or “…” emote.


But I didn’t watch Evangelion and as such can’t fully appreciate the art :frowning2:


Colors say Magmar but the disign doesnt scream magmár right away…still look kinda lizard-ish so i am hoping for a cool magamr unit (Shimzar was more then ,meh’’ in the Magmar Department)


The Twitter post said that it was neutral. Wait, are those Mechaz0r colours!? Is this a second Mexhaz0r?


Please let it be legendary beat-stick minion!

5 Mana
Damage dealt by _____ cannot be prevented.


You Satan.


You should totally watch it :smile:

About the card: considering this an evangelion refference, i would think about something like a berserk mode, surrounding the idea of BBs like

3 mana 2/4
Whenever you use your BBs, this unit gain +3 attack and forcefield.


More giant Sci Fi dinosaurs will always be a good thing. But yeah, the Evangelion inspiration is more than apparent. Is the next expansion set in Japan or generally more mech focused?


Damn, I didn’t see at first it was a neutral. I was really hoping it was a Magmar.


4 mana 2/8
mechazor cannot be damaged by minions or spells

but seriously
7 mana 7/4

but seriously
5 mana 3/2


8 Mana 6/8
This minion can damage allies with its attacks.

Think of the possibilities.


6 5/5
Opening gambit: if there is a “Shinji” card on the board, destroy it and gain its stats.


6 5/5
Opening gambit: If there is an angel minion on the board, eat it.


6 5/5
This unit musn’t run away

(actually this one would be cool: a unit that cant go back :stuck_out_tongue: )


Oh my Makanthor, this is too broken




If it’s really an Evangelion reference (which it indeed seems like), it has to be a mech!


But #SpoilerAlert: Evas are not mechs!


So does that make it a (click to show spoiler) failed attempt to clone the mana tree?


Not sure why everyone wants to make fun of Shinji and Armuro from Mobile Suit Gundam for reacting to stressful situations realistically. IMO they are the two best protagonists in anime history.

Anyway I think it looks like a 7 mana card. There is a certain scale that they tend to go to at precisely 7 mana.

5/8 stats

Its effect is…
Gain +2/+2 whenever a Bloodborn spell is used.