New neutral unit concept: Boulder Breacher


The art looks sick, what you guys think this bad boy will do?

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My Bet:

This minion can move through enemy units


Looks like a backstab minion.


i read it will be neutral, so i dont think this has backstab, unless they are making faction keywords for neutral units 0_0


He will be able to move underground, below the board the game is usually played on. While underground, he will be unseen to the enemy. He will be able to attack enemy minion by moving directly onto the tile they are on, upon which he will deal his attack damage to the minion without taking any damage back (it’s a surprise attack after all) and become visible to the enemy, appearing on a random space nearby the attacked minion.

As for how the concept will be presented, for the player controlling the minion, he will look just like a normal one, just semi transparent, until he attacks and become normal looking again. Upon entering the game he will go underground and the tile where he went in will be clear to the enemy so it’s possible to play around it by anticipating it’s movement to some degree.


The backgrounds are currently random.

With the new expansion, they will add random gameplay fields, some of which have annoyingly placed Boulders one has to circumnavigate instead of Mana Springs.

Units like this, with the new BREACH keyword, are the only ones who can destroy these boulders.

Yes, of course I am serious, why?


it would be some sort of “stealth” from heartstone … sound interesting, but im not sure how you would be able to select this unit to move if there is another one above it :open_mouth:


Oh if that is the case, then he will attack automatically if enemy steps on him on their turn. Boom, problem solved! And no, it’s not stealth, my idea is way more fun and interactive :raising_hand:


Nah, this is neutral, not Songhai.


wait there a second … THIS GUY IS A MACHINE!

what if this is Mechaz0rd related? or simply a new mech?


“Attacks by this minion ignore effects that reduce or prevent damage.”

Sunsteel Defender’s ultimate foil. Among other things.


Uhm… “Nose” of Mechaz0rd, if we want to keep it kids friendly.


A minion like this is OP, how can you damage it when it is underground?
more credible The idea that it can move througs enemies.


I think AoE and AoE dispel should be able to affect it. Just like HS.


You can’t damage it, that’s the idea. But maybe there should be another neutral minion out there who can hard counter it. Something like:


Deals double damage to enemy units that can’t move. The ultimate demolition expert that can take down any wall, obelisk, or rok.

or it could ignore forcefield, or even remove spellshields


Enemies he kills explode dealing aoe damage to surrounding minions


he gets first strike when an enemy attacks him


When this unit attacks, inflict 3 damage to all enemy units in the front row of this unit.

So when this attacks a forcefield unit head-on, the field goes down and bye bye sunsteel. The attack is so powerful that all infront units of the same row gets damaged.


Reality Breacher
9 mana 13/13
Dying wish: summon Galaxy Breacher

Galaxy Breacher
6 mana 8/8
Dying wish: summon Star Breacher

Star Breacher
4 mana 5/5
Dying wish: summon Planet Breacher

Planet Breacher
2 mana 3/3
Dying wish: summon Mountain Breacher

Mountain Breacher
1 mana 2/2
Dying wish: summon Boulder Breacher

Boulder Breacher
0 mana 1/1
Dying wish: add Reality Breacher to your hand.

A mech inside a mech inside a mech inside a…


Inside a what?


Inside a digital collectable card game?