New Magmar player needs help


Hello. So I wanted to start playing a bit of Magmar but I have no idea how to build a deck can anyone recommend me a basic deck I have some of the Magmar Core Set, The Bloodborn set and a lot of neutral cards. Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


Without seeing your collection I can’t really recommend anything but the cheapest version is aggromar.


if you have decimus, tectonic spikes, and entropic gaze you could make the over powered aggro deck thats been all over the ladder. basically you fill it with aggressive cards like elucidator or flameblood warlock, then try to burst down their health as fast as possible, trying for the decimus+tectonic spikes combo for 9 out of hand damage. more if you have other things that draw them cards like starhorns BBS.

without knowing what your going for i can only recommend cards that work well in basically any deck

craft thumping wave as soon as you can. its amazing both as a finisher with rush minions or as removal.
flash reincarnation is also a must have in basically any magmar deck with minions with +4 mana cost. sunsteel defender is pretty good when comboed with it since the forcefield absorbs the 2 damage
plasma storm and egg morph are pretty good removal tools
young silithar is a pretty good 2 mana minion that easily fits into most decks
and of course, makantor warbeast is a must have in any magmar deck


If your on a budget this is a good place to start. I have not updated it for the expansion, since that’s not overly budget friendly anyways.

The upgraded thread links are out of date, see here for my recent stuff:


You probably won’t believe me but this is a control deck… Yeah. Also one of my favorite right now (and most successful).
This is the fastest control deck out there, so fast that I probably shouldn’t call it like that, but to be honest you have to remove everything they play and then finish them of with big-ass wombo combo, so it’s kind of controlish, kind of…
Oh, and you should replace that Meltdown with second Elucidator to survive those Variax decks.


Sorry for the bad English.
Well let’s start with the essentials:
Makantor warbeast is the best card the magmar has access to.
Young slitars they are difficult to kill and are a bait for removals/dispels, as you already have the rancour is almost obligatory put them.
Thumping wave that serves as a finisher on suicide missions and removal of distant minions.
Egg-morph is a great choice for dealing with certain big minios.
Mandrake is very good on decks with many monsters.
With entropic gaze/tectonic spikes it is possible to use monsters like decimus, vindicator and visionar (works better with starhorn)
Now it will depend on which deck you want to mount, if it is aggro deck saberspine tiger is an excellent choice because with 6 mana to deal 7 damage, if you want to risk putting elucidators and rancours make sure you have card that heal you like earth Sphere, if you want to go more aggressive put some kujatas and flash incarnations with amplification (heal all the damage taken) and to make instant impact with taygete.
Unfortunately that’s all I can tell you, since I do not have gold to make a egg deck or bravery for a tempo deck.


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