New Lethal Puzzle


I used the new listlyst scenebuilder to create this lethal puzzle. Note the Regalia and don’t forget the Silverguard Knight has provoke. Have fun!


thumping wave rancour.
natural select silverguard.
repulsor second sun two tiles up.
general goes to secons sun and does Smack!
alchemist kills koi.
rancour for the win!

I miss daily challenge(
Thanks for the puzzle, op!


Just repulsor the koi up 1
Then attack koi with general
Thumping wave rancour
Natural select silverguard
Go face with rancour


Nice, you got it.


Repulsor Beast blocks Natural Selection


Harder version:


Think I got it:

Repulsor beast left of Second Sun, move it up two
Attack Second Sun with Vaath
Attack Argeon with Kujata
Thumping Wave Repulsor Beast
Natural Select Silverguard
Maw Koi
Move up Rancour, hit for 9, kill Argeon

Apologies for the double post, I didn’t realize I could undelete my previous one.


Oh woops. Just gotta flip the order then. Natural select after using thumping wave on rancour.


That’s the right solution, well done.


You still need the Bloodtear to finish Argeon, but yes it will work. Can you solve the second one too?


Isn’t it:

  1. trade in the kujata (8 hp left)
  2. buff rencour +5 (rancour 6 attack)
  3. natural selection on silverguard knight
  4. use maw below rancour to kill koi
  5. repulsor beast near maw to teleport second sun 2 tiles up.
  6. hit second sun with general (take 8 damage, rancour at 14 attack)
  7. attack argeon with rancour (6 extra damage)
    Or I’m missing something?
    Those seem harder when you can’t just try things out.
    Sorry don’t know how to make it hidden.

Ok this is wrong, 1 mana missing.
How about this:

  1. repulsor beast second sun 2 tiles up.
  2. attack with general the second sun (rancour at 9)
  3. buff repulsor beast +5
  4. trade in the kujata (enemy 8 hp)
  5. natural selection silverguard knight
  6. maw below rancour to kill koi.
  7. attack with rankour.
    This should be ok.


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