New-ish, suggestions for my Reva deck?


Hi! I joined Duelyst a long while ago, but put it down for awhile. So I’m still not the most experienced player. Now I started playing again, and I really fell in love with Songhai. I love Reva and her playstyle! I want to invest spirit into another deck, but I want to get my Songhai deck right first. I think it’s still missing something.

So, does anyone have any suggestions for this deck? While I’m still doing plenty of spell stuff, I’m not a fan of a deck mostly made of spells. I’ve tried it, and it’s not as fun for me. And I can usually get noticeable damage on the enemy General with the amount of spells I do have. But maybe I’ve been lucky! if you think otherwise, I’m open to any suggestions.


Guys, we got one damn hipster here

I’m not a pro, I lurk in Gold so I can’t tell if it’s good but it sure looks fun and different! I bet you’d love to have Geomancer in this deck too.


Your deck doesn’t have enough minions you can play at 2 mana. I would add another chakri avatar and 3x Katara. Some of the cards you’re running are outclassed by other cards, for instance Phoenix Fire > Saberspine Seal, Ki Beholder > White Widow and Dancing Blades > Firestarter. You can find some strong Reva lists at You can also find an up to date deckbuilder there, duelystdb isn’t updated anymore unfortunately.


LOL. It is fun!! Can’t say my win rate is kayne’s best, but I’m also a noob lolol. I’ll have to snag Geomancer once it’s out, it looks like it’d be an awesome addition, thanks!


Okay 0: good to know, thanks for the heads up!! & ty for linking the website, I was definitely struggling finding a list of updated reva decks xD


Just wanted to say the website is awesome xDD The Reva decks on there seem more similar to my deck than the Reva decks I saw on the other site. Helps a lot!


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